Tiny ASOS bikini mocked online

Sarah Carty
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ASOS has been mocked for this tiny buckle strap bikini. Photo: ASOS

Another day and yet another extremely tiny bikini has sent the internet into overdrive.

The swimwear in question is a $16 ASOS micro bikini top, which barely covers the model’s modesty on the website - and it’s causing a stir on the parody @asbos_sos Instagram page.

“When u get dressed still drunk,” the admins of the page captioned a snap of the model, wearing the ox blood buckle clasp bikini top.

Hilarious comments

People erupted in the comments section of the post, saying it looks like she put her bra on back to front.

Others put a positive spin on things by pointing out that at least it’s breastfeeding-friendly.

“When you pick up the luggage straps instead of your bra because it’s dark,” another person said.

Bikini that you can’t swim in

According to the product description, the bikini top is ‘all about giving women the confidence to express themselves through fashion’.

Just like many of the bikinis featured on the ASOS website, it isn’t actually suitable for wearing in the water and is simply meant for ‘poolside posing, not swimming’.

Underboob bikinis are back

Last week, brand Fashion Nova uploaded an image of LA model, Becky Hudson, lounging poolside in the brand’s $64 Euphoria Bikini, which is basically your classic underboob bikini with an added band underneath the bust.

Within minutes, the photo had received thousands of likes, but not everyone was impressed with the design.

“This suit is made to take pictures in, not to actually swim or sunbathe,” one person said.

Another commenter seemed concerned about what would happen if she cannonballed into the pool, which a commenter said if the model made ‘one mistake, things would come popping out’.

In February, Boohoo were ridiculed for this extremely high-waisted bodysuit. Photo: Boohoo

Extreme bodysuit

And Boohoo were ridiculed online in February for releasing an extremely high-waisted bodysuit.

“Front. Thong. Two words that should never be linked together,” one person pointed out on a thread about the swimsuit.

“God your undercarriage would engulf that in under a minute,” another woman commented.

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