Fashion designer, 75, wows with swimsuit selfie: 'Sensational'

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg has stunned fans with a selfie she took while wearing a red swimsuit.

The 75-year-old posted the photo on Instagram, giving her followers a glimpse of her amazing physique.

"Selfie at 75? Trying to own it and two hours of daily swimming helps!" she wrote.

"I know I should smile but I feel stupid smiling at myself! Gratitude."

The fashion designer snapped the photo while standing casually in front of a mirror while wearing the red swimsuit with a watch and several bracelets.

Diane von Furstenberg poses in front of a mirror in a red swimsuit.
Diane von Furstenberg stunned fans with her selfie. Source: Instagram

Fans were shocked at how good the designer looked at 75, with many calling her "perfect".

"75, DAMN! You look FANTASTIC," one commented.

"Inspiration," another said.

"Stunning and sensational," a third added.

"Beautiful and healthy," another fan wrote while somebody else commented, "fearless queen".


Diane's incredible selfie comes after Sean Connery's widow stunned in a bikini at 93.

Micheline Roquebrune soaked up the sun in her brown bikini while posing with her granddaughter Saskia on a boat.

People couldn’t believe how good Micheline looked for her age, with many commenting on her body on social media.

“What a body for 93. Go her!” one wrote, while another commented, “She looks amazing!”

“Just breaking the internet over here,” added a fan.

Micheline Roquebrune and her granddaughter Saskia pose in bikinis.
The pair were seen lapping up the sun in the Bahamas. Photo: Instagram/saskiaconnery

“I must say for 90 plus she’s well nice, must of been a beauty in her day like the granddaughter,” another said.

“Bloody hell she looks really good,” wrote a fourth.

Others didn’t care for her outfit but were impressed with how active the painter seemed.

“To be 93 and wear a bikini is goals, happy and not sitting and dying in a nursing home! Coming from a nurse watching people give up on life as they get old,” one wrote.

“Don’t care about her bathers but I’m impressed she’s so active and mobile at her age,” another added.

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