Farmer Wants A Wife’s Hayley Love's 'terrifying' experience 5 days postpartum

Former Farmer Wants A Wife star Hayley Love has detailed one of the hardest times for her since welcoming her daughter Daisy into the world.

Speaking on her Instagram Stories, Hayley revealed she was five days postpartum when the overwhelming feeling took ahold of her.

Hayley Love holding her daughter Daisy
Hayley Love has spoken out about parenthood. Photo: Instagram/Hayley Love

“I had two horrible nights sleep with Daisy thinking I was going to be the worst mum ever,” she said.

“I never felt that instant ‘love’ once giving birth. I got home and felt like my whole body was rejecting her. I’d stare at her when someone else was holding her and feel as though she wasn’t mine, it was terrifying because I thought my fear of getting PP depression was happening.

“Thankfully the feeling disappeared after about a week and now my love for her everyday grows. Sometimes I cry when I’m holding her because I love her so much.


Hayley Love crying Instagram
Hayley said it was 'terrifying' as she felt like she didn't instantly bond with Daisy when she first brought her home. Photo: Instagram/Hayley Love
Hayley Love and daughter Daisy on Instagram
Hayley said she has very supportive parents who help her out. Photo: Instagram/Hayley Love

“If you feel down I promise you it’ll get better. I truly can’t imagine my life without flower.”

Back in July, Hayley announced she was pregnant in a statement to, claiming it was Farmer Will Dwyer’s child, however he is yet to publicly comment on Daisy’s birth.

When a follower asked her if she has any support while she deals with parenthood, she said: “We sure do. I currently live with my mum and ad who help out HEAPS. I have so many mum friends who are great for advice too.”

Hayley did reveal that she has no overnight support “which is fine” because her parents help her out “so much during the day” and she’s the one feeding her at night

Hayley Love pregnant
Hayley revealed last year that she was pregnant. Photo: Instagram/Hayley Love

When a follower asked her if it’s hard doing it alone without a partner, Hayley responded: “Don’t know what it’s like with a partner but I do have the support of my parents who had four kids so I’m going to say I’ve got it a little bit easier”.

Hayley also went into detail about her labour story, revealing she gave birth without any pain relief because she was fully dilated when she got to the hospital.

“It wasn’t really that bad. You just get your head in the game and next thing she was here,” she said.

“I mean the contractions were pretty awful when they go for a minute at a time and then random 20 second ones but yeah, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. But then again, I used to be terrified of labour and then I went through it and I was like wow, I’m silly.

Farmer Will standing in a field
She claims Daisy is Farmer Will's daughter. Photo: Instagram/Hayley Love

She said the hardest part of her labour was not being able to push when the nurses told her not to.

Hayley told her followers she’s “very lucky” she has no birth trauma but she does feel for mums who do and those who want more kids and have that trauma from their first birth.

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