Farmer Wants A Wife's Brad and Clare share exciting family news

Brad Jones and Clare Hockings are expanding their family, just months after she moved to his country NSW farm.

Farmer Wants A Wife couple Brad Jones and Clare Hockings have revealed they are expecting their first baby together.

Just weeks after their love story played out on the Channel 7 reality TV show, the couple have shared that Clare is in her second trimester and they are “so excited”.

Brad Jones and Clare Hockings from Farmer Wants A Wife
Brad Jones and Clare Hockings have announced they're expecting their first child together. Photo: Channel 7

Revealing the joyous news to New Idea, the couple shared their ultrasound photo and said Clare has experienced a “pretty healthy” pregnancy so far.

Clare moved to Cootamundra in February, three months before the reunion episode went to air on Channel 7.

The 28-year-old picked up a school teacher job in the area and moved her four horses and two dogs from Tamworth over seven hours away to the south west NSW town.


"She doesn't really know anyone here, but bringing her horses and dogs has made the move a bit easier. It's given her something to feel a bit more at home," Brad told New Idea at the time.

"We're on the same page and just happy doing life together," added Brad, who told the publication that they weren’t in a rush to add kids to the picture.

“We’ll start with one and see how we handle that I suppose!” he said.

Brad Jones and Clare Hockings sitting on the couch on Farmer Wants A Wife
Clare and Brad found love on Farmer Wants A Wife. Photo: Channel 7

The exciting news comes just a few weeks after crop and cattle farmer Brad wrapped his arms around teacher Clare on the hit show and told her that he had picked her in the finale.

"I started this journey with the hope to fall in love with someone and I am. I'm falling in love with you and I'm very excited about what the future has in store for us,” he said.

Their journey didn’t come without some bumps in the road though, as early on in the show new arrival Shelby nearly derailed their love story when she expressed her doubts about Clare, saying: "Clare drains that glass quicker than [the other ladies] can fill it up”.

Her comment didn’t faze Brad, who picked Clare as his eventual winner, telling 7News that while the moment was romantic, the aftermath was anything but.

Brad Jones and Clare Hockings sitting on a trailer on Farmer Wants A Wife
The couple hit it off from the very beginning of the show. Photo: Channel 7

"I made my decision to choose Clare and I had to be in a meeting the next morning so I got in a cab and went straight to Goulburn," Brad said.


"I said, 'I've picked you but I've got to go', sort of thing," he continued.

Clare added that she was in a hotel room on her own that night but the pair did spent a romantic night together at a later stage.

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