Fans Are Perplexed by Lisa Rinna's New Hair as She's Likened to Albert Einstein

Lisa Rinna has once again changed things up in the hair department—and her fans are feeling a bit perplexed.

While hitting up Paris Fashion Week in France on Wednesday, June 26, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star debuted a whole new hairstyle, switching out her usual dark locks for some bright blonde tones.

As seen in a video of her look shared to Instagram on Thursday, June 27, Rinna was seen getting transformed into a blonde before heading out to attend the Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Fashion show.

The Melrose Place actress showed up at the event in a classic black and white tux, which she accessorized with square-frame glasses and a super spiked hairdo.

The drastic change in appearance immediately caught the attention of her fans, including some users who were raising their eyebrows at the unique ensemble.

"I'm speechless," one fan wrote on X, while others began comparing Rinna to various people with similar hairstyles, including Albert Einstein and Rod Stewart.

She looks like Andy Warhol," another person said, while someone else said Rinna resembled, "albert einstein if he slayed."

"What in the Guy Fieri is happening," read another tweet.

Others thought Rinna resembled her own husband, Harry Hamlin.

"It's like Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin morphed into one singular person," one person added, while another person joked, "you either die as lisa rinna or live long enough to see yourself become harry hamlin."

But on the other hand, plenty of Rinna's fans were supportive of her edgy look.

"She looks even more iconic as a blonde! 😍," one user wrote on Instagram.

Another person on X applauded Rinna, writing, "I kind of love this on her! She’s having fun! It’s what Rinna does!"

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