Fans Are Loving Savannah Guthrie’s ‘Too Funny’ Poker Face Attempt

Savannah Guthrie

Some celebrities can maintain a solid poker face while on live TV, but Savannah Guthrie has admitted that hers could use fine-tuning.

In a humorous series of images the Today show co-anchor shared on Instagram this week, Guthrie displayed several large and emotional expressions while on the set of NBC’s popular morning show.

The four-photo post first showed Guthrie, 52, appearing shocked as she sat behind the Today desk with both hands palm-down on the table. Her eyes and mouth were wide open as she reacted to what her co-anchors, Craig Melvin and Hoda Kotb, said as they sat on either side of her.

The second photo in Guthrie’s series appeared to have been taken just moments after the first as she sat with her head in her hands. Melvin, who sat on her right, appeared to be laughing. The third photo showed Melvin, Guthrie and Kotb all seemingly recovered from what Guthrie’s expressions suggested was a high-stakes conversation. The photo series ended with Guthrie and Kotb sitting beside each other on a couch, with Guthrie resting her head in one hand as Kotb spoke.

While it was unclear what conversation topics inspired her wide range of on-set expressions, Guthrie indicated the photos alone made her point. She captioned the March 26 Instagram post by joking that her “poker face” was a “work in progress.”

The photos amused many of Guthrie’s Instagram followers, several of whom left comments composed entirely of laughing emojis. Others confirmed what Guthrie admitted, writing that while they admired her “expressions and enthusiasm,” she would need “a smidge more practice” before mastering her poker face.

“Too funny,” wrote one fan who also complimented the co-anchor’s outfit in their comment.

“Love the pictures. This is awesome,” one Instagram user wrote as another agreed, writing that Guthrie had the “best expressions!!”

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