Fans Say Kelly Clarkson 'Devoured' Sia Cover as They Beg for a Duet

Kelly Clarkson's latest cover performance is giving fans "goosebumps."

The very first American Idol winner took on a fellow pop singer's hit for her latest Kellyoke cover on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and as always, her supporters were not disappointed by her powerful rendition.

Clarkson put her spin on Sia's 2016-released track "Bird Set Free," adding her own flavor to the song that left fans nothing short of impressed at her vocal abilities.

For the performance, the Grammy winner put her trim figure on display in a classy black and white sheer off-the-shoulder top paired with dark-colored slacks.

On Tuesday, June 25, video footage from the talk show episode was shared on the broadcast's official YouTube channel, where the mom of two can be seen going all out and giving the tune everything she's got.

Fans quickly poured in with their reactions to the musical clip.

"Kelly’s passion for singing literally all kinds of music is incredible to watch," one gushed, while another proclaimed, "Sia songs are not easy to sing but Kelly devoured this!!!"

"One of my favorites from Sia and of course Kelly didnt disappoint at all," a third agreed, as a fourth admitted, "Ok, now I’m emotional. Oh how I love Sia and Kelly, you and Y’all killed it! Gorgeous rendition of an amazing song."

Meanwhile, someone else adamantly campaigned, "Kelly and Sia really need to collaborate beyond the writing and heal the world with those gorgeous vocals of theirs."

Prior to taking on Sia, most recently, viewers of Clarkson's show have also been treated to covers of Miley Cyrus and Shania Twain.

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