Fans Are Hoping Oreo's New Cereal Becomes a 'Permanent Flavor'

A new Oreo-flavored cereal is hitting store aisles, and fans can hardly wait to be able to taste it.

The cookie brand's latest product was unveiled in a new social media post by food blogger Markie Devo, as he shared news of the launch of Post Cereal's limited edition Mint Chip Oreo O’s variety.

As the Instagram caption states, the originally-introduced Oreo O's cereal included marshmallows, however the latest release will not feature the added ingredient. "I LOVE the original Oreo O’s with the marshmallows. I’m betting this one may be as good, just without the marsh. After all mint rocks!!🤘🏻" it noted.

According to the insider, the option has been found so far at Giant grocers, but customers can "find it at stores that carry the brand for a limited time," but no word on how long consumers can expect the product to be available.

Fans flooded the comment section with excitement for the new drop.

"Ooh. Me want," one declared, while another added, "Yum I can’t wait to try it."

"It sounds good for sure. Hope the mint flavor is there," a third said.

"This should be a Permanent Flavor!" an additional social media user adamantly campaigned.

Meanwhile, another admitted of the snack blog's posts, "Ur page is going to make me put on 15 lbs lol !!!! No I can try the new foods in moderation 😍this cereal looks so amazing!"

Cereal aside, Oreo has delighted fans with a myriad of new releases so far in 2024, including its Star Wars-themed cookie packs, its unexpected collaboration with Sour Patch Kids candy, and even its foray into sugarless treats.

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