Fans Duped After Suspected Kate Middleton Follower Takes Aim at Meghan Markle's New Venture

Britain's Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

From the looks of it, a suspected Kate Middleton fan is attempting to sneakily dupe fans of Meghan Markle.

The U.K. domain name for her latest venture, new lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard—which she unveiled via social media in March—was purchased by someone who's using the high profile nature of the Duchess of Sussex's business to drive donations to UK-based charity the Trussell Trust.

While the actual U.S.-based website, which is connected to the brand, is operating normally, visitors clicking on the separate U.K. link—which is not, in fact, Markle's—are being redirected to a page asking for donations to the charity.

“Forgiveness. Permission. Please donate to the Trussell Trust,” the website’s homepage states, along with an additional note on the JustGiving page that confirms, “Not meghan. hope meghan wouldn’t mind. thoughts with catherine. X”

The site also included a short explainer about the charity and its work, with a goal to raise $1,200. As of Friday afternoon, April 19, it had already gained over $13k in donations.

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The true intentions for the funds remain unclear, however, the ploy looks to be an attempt to get people to think that the site is affiliated with the Suits alum's brand.

In response, the charitable organization responded to the actions of the unknown domain purchaser.

A spokesperson for the Trussell Trust Sophie Carre told New York Post, "The charity is not connected with this website domain and have no knowledge of who set it up,” but also made clear that "in line with the Commission’s guidance, we are unable to reject donations unless they meet specific requirements. As the website clearly states that the donations are in aid of the Trussell Trust, the money raised would not meet the requirements for rejection.”

“All donations received by the Trussell Trust are invested into supporting our work to end the need for food banks in the UK,” the statement concluded.

The social media page for American Riviera Orchard initially surfaced on Thursday afternoon, March 14, and is said to be an extension of her old lifestyle blog, The Tig.

An official trademark application provides insight that the brand will sell a wide range of home goods, including edible goodies like jellies, jams and spreads. Tableware staples such as cutlery, table linens and drinkware are also listed, as well as cookbooks.

Recently, Markle's first public set of products were sent out to a select group of friends and celebrities, with Tracy Ellis Ross and Mindy Kaling being among two of just fifty people who received a jar of the brand's strawberry jelly.

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