Fans Distracted by Robert Irwin’s Muscles as he Issues ‘Scary’ Warning About Visiting the Gym

Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin, the son of the late Steve Irwin and his wife Terri, had important information to impart to his fans in his latest video, but some couldn't help but get distracted by his arm muscles.

The 20-year-old shared the helpful video on Instagram on June 5. In the clip, he put down two dumbbells by some other weights, greeting fans and saying, "I'm going to show you why you should always check under your weights before that next set."

Irwin then moved aside a weight to find a huge huntsman spider hanging out. The species isn't dangerous to humans, but it definitely would be a fright to find while you're working out.

Ever polite, Irwin told the spider, "Good form, buddy. Keep it up." He added in the caption, "He’s just trying to be a good gym bro… always leg day for this guy."

A lot of people had the reaction you might expect, with comments like, "NOPE! 😱 It’s his gym now. 😂," "NOOOO 😭 that’s a scary gym bro," and "Reason #5393636 I am glad I don’t live in Australia lol."

But despite the helpful advice, other fans were focused on Irwin's muscular arms instead, such as one person who replied to the video saying, "Sooo no one’s going to talk about how yolked Robert is? 😂😂."

"You have license for those Guns Robert?," joked another, as more said, "When did Robert get so jacked," and "Robert getting jacked is definitely the good timeline."

Over the past year or so, a lot of fans have commented on the young man's appearance, so much so that he even earned the nickname "World's Most Eligible Bachelor." In response to the positive attention and being called a "heartthrob," Irwin told Parade in an interview, "It's not a title I think I've quite come to terms with yet. But thank you, I will take it."

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