Fans Call 'Today' Employee's Video of Al Roker the 'Best Thing' Ever

Al Roker

There's never a dull moment on the Today show—especially when Al Roker is involved.

The TV personality and weather anchor for NBC's Today took part in a new social media trend on Wednesday, May 22, and the resulting video was simply priceless.

Roker, 69, appeared in a video created by an employee at the Today studio, who asked viewers, "Can you watch Al for a quick second? I have to do something," before situating the camera in front of Roker and leaving the room.

That's when Roker began to stare directly at the camera lens, not breaking eye contact for the entire duration until the employee returned—and his fans thought his stoic performance was actually extremely impressive.

"this is the best thing i've ever seen," one fan wrote in response to the silly clip, which was shared to the Today show's Instagram page on Wednesday.

"Have you ever had a staring contest with @alroker? Because now you have. 😂," the caption on the post read.

Roker's flawless performance was so convincing that one fan wrote, "thought my phone was frozen."

Someone else called Roker's spin on the internet trend an "Oscar-worthy performance," while his NBC colleague Vicky Nguyen pointed out, "That is one heckuva transformation to wax figure Al."

Today's Sheinelle Jones also chimed in to comment "😂😂😂😂😂😂," under Wednesday's post, while NBC journalist Jacob Soboroff added a "🔥" fire flame emoji.

But while his colleagues appeared to be loving the content, Roker's own daughter was cringing at her dad's latest antics, writing in the comments, "Whyyyyyyyyyyyy."

Still, Roker's fans were once again delighted by his goofiness, with one person calling the weatherman a "National treasure."

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