Fans aren't convinced by this date on last night's Bachelor

Alicia Vrajlal

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor has the whole nation talking about Brooke, and not just because the season favourite chose to walk from the show.

The 23-year-old’s one-on-one time with Nick Cummins was as sweet and romantic as expected, but for once fans have questioned the authenticity of their date.

Brooke and Nick were given the task of painting each other’s bodies to create a single image when they stood next to each other.

Photo: Facebook/The Bachelor Memes
Photo: Facebook/The Bachelor Memes

And we must say, they did pretty well. Maybe too well?

Viewers aren’t buying that the couple managed to pull off a picture perfect painting of a couple kissing next to a tree while the glistening sun sets. Rather, they believe a professional artist was called in to work some magic with their paintbrush.

“They both look like they were painted by the same artist. I doubt their talents are that equal that they managed to mimic each other’s style,” one viewer wrote on Facebook.

“When she was ‘painting’ the tree branches I thought ‘oooh she’s good’… but then I saw his painting and thought ‘oh hell no!’,” wrote another.

“Glad I wasn’t the only one sitting at home calling bulls**t to the TV they really are great actors hahaha (sic),” read another comment.

Well, whether the painting was the true talent of the Honey Badger and Brooke or not, one thing’s for sure, it wasn’t enough to make Brooke stay.

Tonight Nick is to decide between the two final ladies, Brittany and Sophie, when The Bachelor finale airs at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.

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