Fans Applaud Taylor Swift After She Interrupts Final Stockholm Concert to Check on Fans

Taylor Swift performs at Friends Arena on May 17, 2024 in Stockholm, Sweden

Swifties are so grateful that Taylor Swift continues to look out for them night after night as she brings her Eras Tour to unprecedented crowd sizes around the world.

On the final night in Stockholm, Sweden, she took a moment to clarify some emergency signals mid-show to make sure she'd know when someone in the audience needed assistance, as seen in a new video uploaded to X (formerly Twitter) by one attendee named Angelina. And fans loved to see that she's paying attention.

In the clip, Swift stood in front of her microphone with her guitar already strapped in place over her shoulder, ready to perform the first surprise song of the night.

“This is just, um, I’m just,” she stumbled before pointing out into the crowd in front of her. “Someone in the front row can either tell me ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this question: When you guys are putting a bunch of flashlights up in a group, does that mean people need help?”

It seemed to be a question about something she’d caught sight of earlier in the night, as, after someone in the crowd affirmed its meaning, she promised to point it out for security if it happened again.

“I just didn’t know if you were, like, waving at me,” she admitted, “but I’m happy to know clarification on that.”

"Mother is MOTHERING," Angelina captioned the clip before adding, "that’s so nice," and the entirety of the social media platform seemed to agree.

"She is the sweetest most caring person," one wrote under a reposted version of the clip. "Taylor truly loves us swifties."

"Truly a wonderful human being!" another said.

Someone else in the crowd suggested that someone in the crowd had fainted earlier in the night, leading bystanders to try to flag someone down for assistance when their friends tried to wake them up with water rather than getting them to a medic.

Swift has made it clear before that she takes the safety of her fans very seriously, orchestrating water distribution herself during an incredibly hot day in Brazil before postponing the next performance as the heat index held strong following one fan's tragic death. She also delayed one of her Nashville shows for several hours due to severe weather before starting the show around shortly before it was originally scheduled to end.

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