Fan-Favorite Subway Menu Item Back for the First Time in Four Years

Logo of the American fast food chain Subway

Subway fans have been waiting for this one.

After nearly four years without it, fans will once again be able to enjoy the beloved Honey Oat Bread.

The exciting news was announced by the fast-food sandwich chain earlier this month, revealing that the coveted bread option would be returning to Subway menus for a limited time.

The long-awaited return of the Honey Oat Bread comes nearly four years after it was last seen on Subway menus. The brand reminded fans that the elevated bread option hadn't been available for exactly 3 years and 101 days—but starting last week, Subway lovers can once again indulge in the beloved multi-grain bread topped with rolled oats and sweet honey.

"it’s baaaaaaaaack," Subway teased in a recent Instagram post to get fans excited about the news.

"I BEEN WAITING SO LONG!!!!" one excited fan wrote in the comments on Instagram, while another person called the Honey Oat Bread's return their "will to live."

"i love honey oat bread i’d marry it" someone else added.

"Best bread ever," another Subway lover wrote online, adding, "It's what made me get subway today and the honey oat bread tasted just as good as I remembered it 😭."

"Yaaaaaaaasss 😭😭😭 subway saw our tweets, posts and tags lol honey oat for the win!! Even if its just for a limited time lol," someone else rejoiced.

But other fans were still disappointed that the popular item is only back for a limited time, and it's still not clear exactly how long it will stay on the menu.

"BRING IT BACK FOR GOOD PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD" one commenter wrote, as someone else begged, "Let it stay! Pleeease let it stay! 😭"

But for now, fans should take advantage of the new menu offering while it lasts. The Honey Oat Bread is now available at nationwide Subway locations for a limited time.

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