Family's shocking discovery in snack after mysterious illness

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A woman has revealed the shocking discovery her family made in a box of peanut butter cups after they all suffered from a mysterious illness for weeks.

US mother-of-two Kelsey posted a viral TikTok video explaining she, her husband and her son had been feeling sick for nine weeks straight, however, they only suffered the horrific illness on Mondays.

"On Mondays, we would have 12 hours of fever, followed by about 12 hours of stomach cramps, or diarrhoea," she explained in her TikTok.

"We couldn't figure out why we were sick."

Jif peanut butter cups (left) and Kelsey telling her story (right).
Kelsey realised the Jif snack peanut butter cups were giving her family salmonella. Source: TikTok

The mum of two added her baby never got sick and they cleaned the house and avoided inviting anybody over for two months in fear they would pass on the illness.

However, after a rush to the emergency room for a separate issue, Kelsey asked the doctor about the mysterious illness who revealed they had been poisoning themselves.

"His eyes [lit] up and he goes, 'peanut butter'," she said, adding there had been a recall on Jif peanut butter after a number of people fell ill with salmonella.

At first, she did not believe it could be possible, as she had checked the dates on her peanut butter after seeing the recall.


After arriving home from the hospital and informing her husband, he told her there were snack peanut butter cups at the back of the pantry she didn't know existed.

"Sure enough, they are contaminated salmonella peanut butter cups," she explained.

She also solved the mystery as to why they only fell ill on Mondays, with her husband using the peanut butter snack cups on the weekend when he would make breakfast for the family.

The mum added it never made them sick enough to be rushed to the hospital as they were only eating a small portion.

"But it turns out we've been giving ourselves salmonella poisoning for nine weeks," she said.

"It was just enough to make us sick every Monday for nine weeks."

People were shocked by the mum's TikTok revelation, with many asking why her husband had not checked the snack peanut butter cups.

"I told him I had checked all the peanut butter," Kelsey responded.

Others praised the mum for sharing her story.

"So happy you shared this, I just packed those little cups to take camping. I went and checked and sure thing they were the contaminated ones," one commented.

"We were sick for WEEKS off and on. I bet this was what was wrong with us too," another said.

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