'Family Feud’s Steve Harvey Reacts to 'Sexy Dreams' Answer

Steve Harvey was left speechless after hearing a contestant’s response to a ‘sexy dreams’ prompt on ‘Family Feud.’ Above, Harvey appears during an August 2023 episode of ‘Celebrity Family Feud.’

Steve Harvey was briefly left speechless after two contestants' answers to an eyebrow-raising question on Family Feud.

In an episode of the daytime game show that aired this week, dueling contestants Jarrell and Jenny were given the same prompt: “You know you shouldn’t, but name someone you have sexy dreams about.”

Jarrell was first to buzz in with his answer.

“My aunt,” Jarrell said, prompting a wave of laughter from the audience. The 67-year-old host seemed like he couldn’t quite believe what he had just heard as he stared at the contestant, his mouth slightly agape.

“You said ‘you shouldn’t!’” Jarrell said in defense of his response. However, the show then revealed that the eight qualifying responses did not include an aunt or other family member.

Harvey then turned to Jenny for her answer and was left similarly stunned when she ventured her response: “You, Steve.”

“Huh?” Harvey asked, appearing confused. “What?”

Though Harvey’s name wasn’t specifically included among the eight possible answers, he did fall under the first category, which was revealed to be Celebs/Jason Momoa. The victory allowed her team the chance to continue playing the game, earning them points for guessing Boss/Coworker, Clergy, My Ex and In-Law.

When the show shared a clip from the prompt and resulting gameplay on Instagram, fans who left comments on the post indicated that they found both Jarrell’s and Jenny’s answers hilarious.

“Steve was caught off guard by both answers 😂😂,” one person laughed.

“‘My Aunt’ He said the quiet part out loud 🤣😂,” one person joked about Jarrell’s answer while another person wrote, “His poor aunt 😂😂😂.”

“Bruh said ‘my aunt’ with confidence 🤣. Just told everybody,” one Instagram user said as another predicted, “His family will be feuding for real at the reunion. 😂.”

Other fans seemed to want answers for why the celebrity category had singled out Momoa.

“Why is nobody talking about that apparently Jason Momoa is the only celeb?😂,” one fan wondered.

“I like how it’s ‘Celeb’ or specifically Jason Momoa 😂,” another fan laughed.

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