Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek of the Season Finale of 'County Rescue'

The season finale of County Rescue is upon us! Season One sure went by quick (probably because it's only five episodes), but each episode was jam-packed, was it not? No announcement has been made by Great American Family regarding the show's renewal so fans will have to be patient as they wait for news of a second season and beyond.

In the season finale of County Rescue, Dani (Julia Reilly) resigns from the station before her last shift, though Chief Scotty (Tim Perez-Ross) believes she will be good to her word and not quit before a decision is made. Receiving no support from her family, Dani asks Ashley (Kristin Wollett) to come over to talk heart-to-heart about Dani’s instincts to drop out of hard situations. Duke (Percy Bell) is MIA from his shift; now Chief Scotty has another difficult decision to make. The team debates faith or fate as a call comes from the bar Duke frequents about a potential suicide attempt. By episode's end, Chief has made aas to who gets the job.

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Take a look at this Parade exclusive sneak peek of the season finale of County Rescue and don't forget to check out select images from the episode in the gallery below.

The season finale of County Rescue premieres on Monday, March 25 at 8 p.m. ET on Great American Family and is available to stream the Friday before on Great American Pureflix.

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