Exclusive: What Margot Robbie's success means to her family

Anita Lyons
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She may be a big Hollywood star, but Australian actress Margot Robbie has a family just like anyone else.

The 27-year-old’s younger brother Cameron revealed just what it’s like growing up with the former Neighbours star, and what they think of her international fame.

Cameron Robbie says their family measures her success like  . Source: Instagram/cameronrobbie

“With my family, her [Margot’s] success is like the equivalent of an athlete making it to the Olympics,” Cameron told Be. “Which puts things in perspective the magnitude of what she has done – It’s crazy.”

“None of our family are in the entertainment industry, it only started in this generation. They’re all physiotherapists and dentists and so for a lot of the family, it all just goes over their head the enormity of such things.”

Cameron Robbie says sister Margot is exceptionally generous. Source: Instagram/cameronrobbie

While Margot is a household name, the I, Tonya actress hasn’t forgotten her homegrown roots and always puts family first.

“She’s still Margot and she’s still the same girl that we grew up with, which is fantastic,” said Cameron.

“She is such a generous soul – which she has really gotten from my mum,” Cameron revealed. “I think it’s known that she paid off mum’s mortgage and she’s just incredibly generous.”

Margot is still the same “Margot” as Cameron grew up with. Source: Getty

The 23-year-old explains that living in their household was a bit “manic” but it only made their family stronger.

“She really gave us a sense of empathy and appreciation for what we had,” Cameron said of his single-parent mum, Sarie Kessler.

The actor and creative producer is in the process of making Sydney home after a stint in Melbourne and knows all too well the expenses of living in these cities.

Luckily, Cameron had the same core values instilled in him from his mum and reveals that this was the reason he was instantly drawn to the app, Beem It – which he is now an ambassador for.

“Anyone who knows me or knows my Instagram knows that I love to turn relatable, everyday experiences into a bit of fun,” he said. “Especially when it comes to organisational skills and self-control.”

Cameron is the ambassador for  Beem It, a new instant payment app. Source: Supplied/Will Salkeld Photography

“I like to joke about the temporary situation of not having money but actually it’s because I’m too generous with friends and family.”

Beem It allows you to split restaurant bills or send money instantaneously and just because Margot is famous, doesn’t mean Cameron is not going to hold her accountable.

“If Margot buys an expensive bottle of wine I’m going to make sure that that’s not split evenly and she pays for it,” he said. “Or if she steals chips from my plate, you better believe I am going to charge her for each chip now.”

Isn’t being a sibling a wondrous thing?

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