Evil Bosses Tease the Hitch in Leland’s Diabolical Plan That ‘Never Once Crossed His Mind’

As Evil‘s Season 4 premiere pointed out earlier this week, Leland Townsend has been so focused on his goal of bringing about the birth of the Antichrist that he glossed over a few crucial details — like the emotionally and physically taxing work of raising a child, even one that’s supposed to bring about the end of humanity.

Eyes on the infernal prize and all that.

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“Do you know why I’m laughing, Leland? Because I can’t think of any greater torture I could devise for you than to give you a baby. A crying, sh–ting baby,” Katja Herbers’ Kristen told Michael Emerson’s Leland, who expected her to cower or rage at the news. “I giggle at the thought of you waking up at 3 am because the Antichrist needs changing?! Or dealing with Diaper Genies and bottles at 4 am?! And that’s just the beginning. I mean, have you thought about the terrible 2s? In your apartment?!” (Read a full recap of the premiere.)

“It never once crossed his mind,” series co-creator Robert King tells TVLine. “He was so focused on what this would mean for bringing down good in the world that he sort of missed, you know, 2 am feedings and all the rest of it.”

As trailers for the supernatural drama’s final season have shown us, Leland’s baby does, indeed, make an appearance at some point. And according to King, he might want to invest in some antibacterial wipes.

“Leland’s got an apartment that is about minimalism, as most evil people do, and he’s going to be surprised how much s–t and vomit there can be in one space,” King says, laughing. “I think guys don’t really often think about things like changing tables and Diaper Genies. Just a guess.”

He adds: “He’s an older gentleman who’s probably got his life ordered exactly the way he wants, and it’s like, ‘Uh oh.'”

But when it came to the little one’s, shall we say “volcanic” nature, the show saw no need to exaggerate the revolting aspect of those first few months. “We kind of stayed in the real,” series co-creator Michelle King says with a chuckle. “We didn’t even have to lean into the Antichrist of it. It was just, you know, ‘This is a baby.'”

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