Emily Seebohm spills on her relationship with MAFS' Ryan Gallagher

The pair of TV personalities met while filming Channel Ten's new reality show The Challenge Australia.

Video transcript

EMILY SEEBOHM: Yeah, I mean, I dropped a big bombshell last night. Hey, I left, and why don't I just throw something on the fire?

So-- no, me and Brian, obviously, we were paired with each other for a challenge. We won. We worked really well together on the inside the game. We were just the people that could trust each other.

Ryan had my back 150%, I had his back 150%. And that's hard to find in a game where you kind of got to lie, you got to, like, just see people, you go to backstab people. And we just knew that, from each other, we weren't going to do that. And that was something that doesn't come easy in life, either having someone that you can trust 150%.

So, I mean, we connected on the show. We were only friends on the show, like nothing happened. Obviously, nothing, like, other people had on the show, we didn't have any of that. We had no rendezvous in the spa, we had no shower scenes, none of that. We kept it very clean.

But then, after the show, he-- we both met up in Argentina, and we decided to go traveling together. And yeah, I mean, we've kind of been inseparable since the show. And yeah, like, I'm super happy. I know I didn't win this show, but I definitely feel like I won.