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Embarrassing hot weather problem solved with this new product: 'Love it'

Stop feeling anxiety when you raise your arms in public.

Sydney has just experienced some of its most humid days on record, which means it's been seriously sweaty.

Now super-sweaters have discovered a way to protect themselves from embarrassing stains and ruined clothing.

UnderWunder Perspiration Protectors are disposable, fabric pads that attach inside the sleeves of your clothes. Made from premium cotton, they soak up sweat and odour from your armpits so you can stay fresh and dry when your deodorant fails.

UnderWunder Perspiration Protectors
UnderWunder Perspiration Protectors can prevent embarrassing sweat marks on clothes. Photo: Supplied

"Absolute game changer!" says one user. "Raising my arms in public, no longer an issue."

Another agrees: "I travel a lot and can now take a few key tops and jackets that stay fresh instead of a whole range of outfits. Plus it saves on waiting for washing. Love it!"

The disposable liners act like a shield, locking in excess sweat and saving clothes from stains. Super soft against your skin, they're hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

UnderWunder Perspiration Protectors
UnderWunder Perspiration Protectors come in black and white options. Photo: Supplied


Product inspired by disease diagnosis

UnderWunder was born when founder Ashley Forrest was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that meant she needed to switch to natural deodorants. She quickly realised they stained and ruined her clothes.

"I envisioned a product that would empower people to wear their favourite clothes with confidence, without the constant worry and anxiety of embarrassing sweat stains and odour," she says.

The pads come in both men's and women's sizes, and are available in black and white. They can even be trimmed so they fit your outfit perfectly. A women's starter pack, which contains 48 cotton liners, costs $43.18.

The simple but clever idea has proven a hit with anyone who struggles with excessive sweating.

"I've tried everything on the market, and these perspiration protectors are a lifesaver!" says one satisfied customer.

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