Eiza González Says Jennifer Lopez Has Been The Target Of "Disturbing And Heartbreaking Bullying"

Obviously, Jennifer Lopez hasn't been having an easy go of it lately.

Jennifer Lopez performs on stage wearing a sparkling, intricate silver bodysuit with arm cuffs, striking a powerful pose with her arms raised
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Before we get into the bad, let's accentuate the good for a minute: J.Lo is, by all accounts, a massively famous celebrity with plenty of money. If you need any evidence, her latest film, the Netflix hit Atlas, has been on or near the top of the streaming service's most-watched movies list since it came out last week.

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That said: There has been a general air of backlash toward her as a celebrity in the last few months. If you've been online at all, you've seen it — or maybe you've seen backlash to the backlash, because after all, this is the internet we're talking about here.

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Throw in the fact that her tour was just canceled after months of low ticket sales — as well as, of course, the alleged troubles in her marriage to Ben Affleck — and you're officially looking at a very unfortunate "diva down" moment for J.Lo.

Jennifer Lopez in an elegant, sequined dress posing next to Ben Affleck in a suit at an event, seated at a table with a cheese and fruit platter
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This is where Eiza González comes in.

Eiza González is posing on the red carpet, wearing a sleeveless black gown with a deep V-neck and ruffled details. She is attending a Vanity Fair and Red Sea event
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Yesterday, the Ambulance (good movie BTW) star took to her IG story to repost a headline from the Hollywood Reporter about J.Lo's canceled tour — and she defended her fellow celeb as well.

Jennifer Lopez cancels Summer Tour: "I Am Completely Heartsick." Red backdrop with Jennifer Lopez's face and quote regarding cyberbullying and its impacts
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"I have to say the level of bullying that this woman has received in the last few months is so disturbing and heartbreaking," Eiza wrote. "How can you complain about someone being mean while enjoying being mean about them."

Jennifer Lopez wearing sunglasses, a white shirt, blue jeans, and a long fur coat, walking outside with a crowd and a security guard nearby
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"People are humans, make mistakes and have some personal things happening while also having to be constantly perfect in the public eye. The world is a pretty complicated place."

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"The best thing we could be doing now is be kind. We have no clue what people are experiencing."

Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet, wearing an elegant strapless dress and a statement necklace with green gemstones
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Fair enough!