Edwina Bartholomew forced to pay Seb Costello $20,000 for rogue tweet

Holly Hales
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Edwina Bartholomew has reported had to pay Seb Costello $20,000. Photo: Getty/Instagram

Edwina Bartholomew has been forced to cough up $20,000 to Channel Nine reporter Seb Costello after an ‘errant’ tweet resulted in indications of legal action between the pair’s rival networks.

The Sunrise entertainment presenter, who’s pregnant with her first child, made the quip on September 14 in response to a video of Costello’s reporting, before deleting it just minutes later.

Edwina pays up

However, the removal didn’t come fast enough, with the comment sparking uproar and prompting both Nine and Seven to issue public statements on the matter.

Now, The Sunday Telegraph has reported Edwina was forced to pay her Costello ‘about $20,000’ in addition to issuing a public apology on Friday.

Channel Nine confirmed the sum to Yahoo Lifestyle on Sunday but clarified its entirety would be donated to the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

“Seb chose them because of their program is against online bullying and abuse,” a network spokesperson said.

The shock payout’s revelation comes days after Edwina ‘unreservedly apologised’ to Seb and his family for the online jab.

“On 14/9 I made a statement on Twitter about (Seb Costello),” she wrote on Twitter.

“While I won’t repeat it, what I said about him was false, hurtful and completely inappropriate.”

The tweet has not been republished over fears of legal proceedings being undertaken by either Seb or his network, Nine.

“I unreservedly apologise to Seb and his family for the hurt and offence my words caused,” she finished.

What sparked the conflict

The scandal initially kicked off after Edwina posted the offending tweet in response to a Nine News Melbourne story reported by Costello.

Edwina, who was on assignment in London, tweeted, “Surprisingly articulate for a (censored)”.

It is believed the tweet was deleted after just 50 minutes, and the words have been censored in screenshots for legal reasons.

Seb Costello, who is the son of ex-Deputy Liberal Leader and current Nine Chairman Peter Costello, has not yet responded to the most recent tweet.

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