'Hilarious' editing blip derails tense Masterchef moment

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Any MasterChef fan worth their salt knows that nothing is more nailbiting then awaiting the results of a tense cook-off and yesterday evening’s challenge in a suburban park was no different, with one hilarious exception.

While the contestants raced around trying to pull off a very challenging cook, the public arena meant more than one hilarious passerby was caught on camera, throwing off otherwise tense moments.

A curious bystander stole the winner's thunder. Photo: Ten

In an absolute cracker, while the judge’s announced the winners of the arduous challenge, one man wearing trackie dacks and a nonplussed expression wandered casually across the frame, throwing off the emotion of the moment slightly.

Peering curiously at the commotion, the gentleman wanders leisurely across the frame, despite the fact that the judges are shooting the climax of the stressful episode.

The wandering gentleman is a mirror of Aussie's in isolation right now. Photo: Ten

Many have dubbed the man highly relatable in the time of coronavirus, as his attire and reaction mirror many of our feelings around interacting in public once more.

In other shots, a car pulls up and gobsmacked onlookers crane for a better view, and one bold young man on a bike got very close to all the action.

A little boy on the road threw off some viewers as the winners were teased out. Photo: Ten

While teasing out the top dishes, the little boy peeks out from behind judge Jock Zonfrillo’s legs as he struggles to mount the bike, and at least one viewer was concerned the child was in danger on the busy road.

Photo: Twitter

A closer glance however, shows the car does not come near the child, and avoids them completely.

‘I would do the same’

Overall however viewers loved the very real editing choices and found themselves relating thoroughly to the onlookers’ hilarious reactions to spotting the famous competition on their doorstep.

It’s not the first, or worst, editing fail to come out of the season so far.

Last week fans got whiplash after one very strange sequence of Melissa Leong called for a quick double-take.

Taking to Twitter at the time, a fan was on the ball during last night’s episode, tweeting: “Did anyone else just pick up on that editing fail? Melissa on two sides of the room at once.”

Indeed it seems they were right, as looking back on footage of the episode, it seems Melissa appears to be both chatting with chef Callum Hann and seconds later standing at the top of the room with the rest of the judges. 

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