Ed Sheeran opens £250k studio at former school

Singer Ed Sheeran returned to his former school to open a state-of-the-art recording studio as part of a “very special” visit.

The songwriter, famed for hits such as Shape of You, Castle on the Hill and The A-Team, visited Thomas Hills High School, in Framlingham, on Thursday.

During the stop-off Sheeran, who was raised in the town, officially unveiled the school’s new Gingerbread Studios and gave advice to budding musicians.

Funded by the Framlingham Foundation, the facility was designed and built by Studio People and Elliston Steady Hawes Ltd and is estimated to have cost £250,000.

Ed Sheeran on stage
Ed Sheeran "really enjoyed" opening Gingerbread Studios at his old school [BBC]

Headteacher Philip Hurst said: “We are delighted to open the Gingerbread Studios with Ed Sheeran, who is ex-alumni with the school, as well as a megastar.

“Ed has a skill of making events like this feel very special - not just with the students but also with all the talented bunch that contributed [to the studio].

“I think he actually really enjoyed it and there was one point I could hear a little bit of music playing and some singing so I do wonder if a new record has been recorded.

“Who knows? We might have a number one single coming from the school. which would be absolutely fantastic and amazing.”

Despite achieving global stardom, Sheeran retains strong ties with Suffolk and once popped up in Ipswich town centre where he busked in front of stunned crowds.

Last November he was also pictured pulling pints in The Rumburgh Buck, near Halesworth, as he attended a friend's birthday celebrations.

He also remains regularly involved with his former school, which Mr Hurst believes could be down to the additional pressures it now faces.

“I think Ed has been so supportive of the school because there has been lots of pressure nationally to reduce the curriculum,” he added.

“Here we are very keen for students to find their talent and excel in music and Ed and I think that is really important - but that philosophy goes across the subjects.”

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