School builds cabin to support student wellbeing

Rebecca Smith and Mayor of Gloucester Lorraine Campbell cut the ribbon on new wellbeing cabin
Cake sales, performances and selling handmade gifts were all part of the fundraising effort [BBC]

A school community has spent two years fundraising £40,000 to build a new space to help students' health and wellbeing.

Teachers at the Elmbridge Primary school in Gloucestershire said there was a big demand for mental health and emotional support for children, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therapy through creative art and activities like yoga would be carried out in the new centre for students and staff, bosses said.

Assistant head teacher Manda Holliday said they recognised there was a "real need for a place for children to be able to talk to a trusted adult and relax".

Table in one of the rooms of the new wellbeing hub with toys on it and brightly coloured chairs
The space has been designed as a place for children to be able to come and relax [BBC]

Ms Holliday added that , since the pandemic, there had been a "big dip in children's mental health", which is why the new facility was so important.

Students at the school have the chance to use the space for yoga, reading and celebrations.

One student said the cabin was "great for their minds".

Another added: "It makes kids feel happier as they have a space to go if they have a worry."