The Easiest Food Challenges Adam Moran Conquered On Beard Meats Food

Adam Moran food collage
Adam Moran food collage - Static Media / Getty / Youtube

If you've ever had the pleasure of watching Adam Moran completely obliterate a hulking plate of meat, you know the man can eat. Moran is the man behind the YouTube channel BeardMeatsFood, and as of 2024 he holds the title as top competitive eater in all of Europe. He travels throughout Europe and America in search of some of the biggest and wildest food challenges.

While Mr. Beard has certainly failed some of the food challenges he has attempted over the years, he usually comes out victorious. Fans have learned to expect greatness from Moran, some followers considering some of the minor challenges to be a sure thing for the super eater. We've scoured years of Mr. Beard's videos and have come up with some of the easiest challenges he has faced. You'll notice that he tends to overachieve when the food goes down easily, adding deserts or blowing records out of the water.

Oversized ice cream sundaes, endless pizza, and heaps of hot dogs are all massive meals that have hit Moran's plate. These food challenges would be tough or even impossible for the average eater, but Mr. Beard kept his beard relatively clean through them all.

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Kendall's Chicken Fry Challenge

Moran with chicken fried steak
Moran with chicken fried steak - BeardMeatsFood / YouTube

When Adam Moran sat down at Kendall's in Noble, Oklahoma, the huge chicken fried steak — really three fried steaks on a huge plate — was slathered in gravy. It was just one of the hurdles he'd conquer in a Chicken Fry Challenge. A plate of green beans, a fully loaded side salad, a biscuit, two scoops of mashed potatoes with gravy, and two cinnamon rolls would also need to be packed down his gullet. Of course, he did succeed in this massive endeavor and walked away with the $50 on the house, plus his choice of one of Kendall's many branded shirt options.

We watched countless Beard Meats Food challenges to compile this list, and it quickly became obvious that Moran's go-to strategy was to take huge, frequent bites. His times are incredible. When it came to this particular challenge, though, the pro eater seemed to take his time. He spent the first minute munching on his green beans! Moran was so impressed with the quality and taste of the food he called it "Voodoo."

Even with savoring the food more than he typically would, it only took Mr. Beard around 27 minutes to finish his plate(s). That's not even half the time allotted for this challenge! He even ate an additional cinnamon roll after as a treat. Kendall's gets a spot here due to how enjoyable it was for Mr. Beast and for how hard he kicked its butt.

Doogie's Four-Foot Hot Dog Challenge

Moran with 4 feet of hotdog
Moran with 4 feet of hotdog - BeardMeatsFood / YouTube

Wieners are a food challenge staple, but the ones that are used in competitive eating are usually standard size and naked. Doogie's does it right, though. Its contest is one of the best food challenges that has appeared on BeardMeatsFood. The Doogie's hot dog challenge consists of two two-foot long dogs loaded with four toppings of your choice as well as fries and a drink. Mr. Beard chose bacon, caramelized onions, and two types of cheeses.

The Newington, Connecticut hot dog shop gives challengers 20 minutes to down the dogs with accompanying drink and fries. Adam Moran finished all four feet of hot dog in under nine minutes, which averages around half a foot every minute — impressive! He finished the entire challenge in under 12 minutes, and even walked out with someone's leftover chili dog for the road.

Moran breezed through the challenge, walking out with pep in his step and seemingly unaffected by the heavy food. Though he didn't get his meal free, his victory made him one t-shirt and a $20 gift card richer. You can also find his photo on Doogie's wall of fame.

Skin's Hot Dogs' Chili Dog Record

Moran eating 20 chili dogs
Moran eating 20 chili dogs - BeardMeatsFood / YouTube

Apparently Mr. Beard has a thing for glizzies, because he seems to breeze through challenges involving hot dogs. He made a trip to Easley, South Carolina, to beat the record for most chili dogs eaten at Skin's Hot Dogs. The record of 16 chili dogs in 76 minutes has stood strong for 12 years, and was shattered when Adam Moran was finished with the Southern hot dog restaurants.

Moran began the challenge by ordering 20 chili dogs, lining them up nice and neat before plunging right in. It only took him a little over 11 minutes to eat 16 hot dogs, annihilating the previous record. As Mr. Beard does, though, he overachieved and worked through his remaining four hot dogs in four additional minutes. This makes the new record at Skin's Hot Dogs 20 chili dogs in just under 16 minutes.

In his voiceover, Moran claims he was initially thinking the chili may be a problem. But in fact, the moistness actually helped get the bread down. The challenge was so easy, in fact, that he washed it down with a slice of homemade pound cake. Moran walked away with his photo on the wall, a new t-shirt, and having had his meal comped.

Jack & Beyond's Unlimited Cake Record

Adam Moran with golden fork
Adam Moran with golden fork - BeardMeatsFood / YouTube

Endless cake sounds like a dream, but for most it would quickly turn into a tummy ache. When it comes to Mr. Beard's stomach of steel, though, his cake-filled 90 minutes at Jack & Beyond saw him happily take the leaderboard. The London-based bakery offers unlimited cake for those who think they have a big enough sweet tooth to "take the cake," if you will. Spoiler alert, Adam Moran does.

The previous record belonged to a bloke named Kevin, who downed 12 slices of cake within the 90 minute time limit. Moran's goal was 20 slices, and he was able to do so with only 39 seconds left on the clock — sorry, Kevin! That certainly seems like a slow time compared to what he has shown he is capable of. When you consider that Moran had to order each slice one at a time, though, the extended time makes a lot of sense.

Being served individually wasn't the only factor stacked against Moran, as he left the cake choices up to the bakery staff. While a fun surprise, some textures did work against him competitively. This didn't seem to bother him at all though, as this challenge seemed to be a nice respite from his typical takedowns. Plus, Mr. Beard absolutely killed some cake here, and walked away with a golden fork.

Jack Brown's Deep Fried Oreo

Mr. Beard eating fried Oreos
Mr. Beard eating fried Oreos - BeardMeatsFood / YouTube

Mr. Beard drove over to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to conquer Jack Brown's all time fried Oreo record. It's a long way to go for a t-shirt, hoodie, and a free dessert, but the YouTuber is after eternal glory as well. If eternal glory can be written in chalk, then that's exactly what he achieved when beating the all-time record of 35 fried Oreos.

Though Adam Moran technically had unlimited time, as the challenge just needed to be completed in one sitting, he didn't even need five minutes. He downed 36 fried Oreos to beat the Murfreesboro's record, but then added more to attempt the all-time record of a different Jack Brown's location. That's right, the challenge was so easy that Moran unexpectedly added on an additional level.

Of course, Mr. Beard was victorious there as well, eating a total of 61 fried Oreos in just over 10 minutes. A tru feat all on its own. By the end of it, his beard contained enough powdered sugar to coat one more fried treat.

The Carnival Cafe's Cheesesteak Challenge

Adam Moran with huge cheesesteak
Adam Moran with huge cheesesteak - BeardMeatsFoods / YouTube

Rogersville, Tennessee's Carnival Cafe offers an interesting challenge for competitive foodies. Its cheesesteak becomes bigger and bigger every time someone successfully eats the entire thing in under an hour. When Mr. Beast took on the challenge, the cheesesteak weighed five pounds and was made with 26 slices of cheese. Though it does come with fries, they are not a part of the challenge — that didn't stop the food champion from eating them, though.

Adam Moran piled the cheesesteak down his gullet and completed the challenge in just 17 minutes. After the pounds of meat, he ate the included fries and four fried Oreos for dessert. His challenge prize was the $60 cheesesteak on the house, as well as his Oreos and an additional $50 in gift cards. While he didn't receive one of the shirts he so covets, he did get his photo on the wall as reigning champ.

The challenge finds itself on our list not only because Moran seemed to have so much room left in his belly for extra, but also because he enjoyed it so much. Near the end of the challenge, he expressed how good the sandwich still tasted. This is apparently not the case with most big challenges, the flavor souring on his tongue after eating so much of the same thing. Tasty challenges seem to be that much easier for the big eater.

Nala Coffee' Titanic Ice Cream Challenge

Adam Moran with ice cream Titanic
Adam Moran with ice cream Titanic - BeardMeatsFood / YouTube

We all scream for ice cream, especially when said ice cream is big enough to give an entire football team a brain freeze. Nala Coffee in Cambridgeshire offers up an ice cream sundae that looks to be bigger than a full grown human's torso, and it's called the Titanic. It is topped with a whopping 40 sticks of Pocky and layered with donuts and fresh fruit. Understandably, no one had been able to sink the Titanic before Mr. Beard came around, but sink it he did.

After drinking the last bit of melted ice cream, Adam Moran walked away victorious and received the sundae free of charge. He finished with about 12 minutes left on the clock and other than getting the shivers, he seemed to have no problem getting the ice cream sundae down. In fact, this falls under his easiest challenge list because it was so light he was able to compete in a completely different challenge a little later on the same day. This is extra surprising, because dairy-centric food challenges have major affects on the body. Mr. Beard remains nearly unfazed, amazingly!

Tre Ragazzi's Colossal Calzone Challenge

Mr. Beard with Colossal Calzone
Mr. Beard with Colossal Calzone - BeardMeatsFood / YouTube

We've certainly heard of people eating a whole pizza by themselves, but calzones are a different breed of pizza pie. Calzones have a heck of a lot more toppings than pizza, hence its pocket-like structure. When Mr. Beard headed to Glencoe, Alabama to take on Tre Ragazzi's "Colossal Calzone Challenge," he was faced with a six pound calzone. Though he had an hour to eat all of the saucey goodness, he aimed to beat fellow professional eater Randy Santel's time of 25 minutes.

Mr. Beard came out victorious, eating his massive prosciutto, ham, and onion calzone in under 20 minutes. The Colossal Calzone has a mandatory three toppings, two of which have to be meat — sorry vegetarians, this challenge is off limits! There is also an overwhelming amount of dense cheese in between a thin crust.

With the aid of water and a bowl of marinara sauce, Mr. Beard downed the meal in well under 20 minutes. If that wasn't impressive enough, he also ate a full plate of cannolis as a finisher. The feat made him one t-shirt richer and he also received his meal free of charge.

Cafe Cru's Fry Up Challenge

Moran with full English breakfast
Moran with full English breakfast - BeardMeatsFood / YouTube

Mr. Beard rolled into Cafe Cru in the small English town of Swadlincote with something to prove. Or rather, the doubtful bystanders inside made the foodie want to impress more than usual. After ordering the Fry Up Challenge, a diner commented that Adam Moran wouldn't be able to eat all of it in the allotted 30 minutes. Moran responded by setting a new goal of 15 minutes, which he then proceeded to beat. This is extra impressive considering that not one other soul had completed the challenge at the time.

This challenge probably shouldn't have been that easy for Mr. Beard, but the desire to prove those around him wrong won out. The "Fry Up Challenge" consisted of three plates full of food. Four eggs, four hash browns, eight sausage links, eight slices of toast, six pieces of bacon, two servings of black pudding, two pounds of beans, and two more pounds of stewed tomatoes make up the challenge. Oh, and a pretty substantial milkshake is included for good measure!

We truly saw Mr. Beard's competitive nature and ability in this challenge. His usual videos are casual compared to how quickly he was working through Cafe Cru's food. For reference, he down all the sausage in a minute — and those sausages were nowhere near puny. A jaw-dropping performance from Moran, and one he seemed to have very little trouble with. He even ordered an extra cake to really dig in his greatness.

Schwatzer's Schnitzel Challenge

Adam Moran with huge schnitzel
Adam Moran with huge schnitzel - BeardMeatsFood / YouTube

Adam Moran headed to Seymour, Indiana for some traditional German food at Schwatzer's German Restaurant. For his first schnitzel challenge, Mr. Beard really killed it. He was presented with over two pounds of schnitzel plus a heaping helping of fried drenched in beer cheese. The challenge had tiered prizes starting at a 30 minute finish, but a winner is qualified by finishing in under an hour.

Commenters on the challenge video had overwhelming support, saying they fully expected the foodie to crush it. The schnitzel and fries combo is much less than fans have seen him put away before. However, the restaurant manager was just about shell shocked when he turned to see no food on Moran's plate at just nine minutes in. He was the first person to complete the challenge in under 10 minutes, and he secured all of the available prizes: a mug, some gummies, and a restaurant t-shirt. His meal was on the house as well.

There's no denying that Moran went above and beyond for this challenge, and it was seemingly a breeze. The big eater did say the extensive chewing was a bit of a challenge, but that the schnitzel was one of the more enjoyable challenges he has participated in. He even end capped his meal with a strudel!

Deli Sushi & Desserts' Monster Roll Challenge

Moran holding up sushi slice
Moran holding up sushi slice - BeardMeatsFood / YouTube

It's hard seeing someone else live out your dreams, and Mr. Beast did just that when he took down a massive sushi roll at Deli Sushi & Desserts in San Diego. The mouthwatering roll is six pounds of rice, raw salmon, cream cheese, imitation crab, avocado, and a few healthy drizzles of sauce to top it off. This "Monster" roll must be eaten in under 15 minutes for diners to be victorious — a tough stipulation!

Even though he wasn't given much time to down the supersized roll, he finished in 12 minutes with compliments to the chef. This was a short and sweet challenge, and seemingly very easy. Moran raved about how delicious the meal was throughout, to the joy of the sushi maker featured in the video.

Moran's photo is now hanging on the winner's side of the restaurant's wall of fame and shame. The photo doesn't have much company, especially when compared to the hundreds of snapshots that adorn the "shame" side. In addition to the honor of the photo, Moran received his meal free, a t-shirt, and some sushi to go.

Gordon Ramsey's Bottomless Pizza

Moran speed eating pizza slices
Moran speed eating pizza slices - BeardMeatsFood / YouTube

It's not often that you associate world renown chef Gordon Ramsey with eating competition; he's more of a cooking competition bloke. Gordon Ramsey's Street Kitchen in the U.K. does offer bottomless pizza, though, and they keep a record of those who eat the most. The reigning champ when Moran entered the restaurant was an incredible 38 slices. This may have been a little worrisome for Mr. Beard, but he cranked out a 48 slice win in sub-two hour time limit.

Adam Moran not only topped the leaderboard, but he went above and beyond and ate 10 slices more than the top score. Taking the challenge on two slices at a time, he downed six full, freshly made pizzas. It's important to note that each pizza was served separately, so he did have some wait time in between pizzas that slowed down his consumption. In addition to his name and accomplishment on the board in-house, he walked away with some merch. The champ did say it was hard work, but we think that his complete obliteration of the record has something to do with that; beating the record wasn't actually much of a task.

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