Dunkin's New Additions To Its Summer Menu Give Us Drinks That Starbucks Won't

Dunkin' s'mores drinks
Dunkin' s'mores drinks - Dunkin'

The release of Dunkin's summer lineup brings a lot to celebrate. For those looking for a little more — or s'more — from your coffee, this news is sure to make your hot day a lot cooler. In its new seasonal menu, the chain has announced offerings that are perfect for "embracing summer nostalgia" with a duo of drinks both reminiscent and rivalrous of an old Starbucks fan-favorite (and barista nightmare). Dunkin's new Bonfire S'mores Frozen Coffee and S'mores Cold Brew, as well as the new S'mores Donut, boast a rich mix of flavors sure to satisfy your summer sweet tooth. Among Dunkin's wide range of iced coffee offerings, these two are already the standouts of the new seasonal menu.

Dunkin's Bonfire S'mores Frozen Coffee blends the chain's beloved frozen treat with traditional s'mores flavors, topping everything off with whipped cream, a drizzle of mocha syrup, and graham cracker crumbs. The S'mores Cold Brew takes an already bold coffee and mixes it up with more s'mores flavors, including a new Marshmallow Cold Foam and graham cracker crumbs. Both offerings definitely conjure up memories of fireside marshmallow roasts all in a convenient and cool cup of joe. No need to wistfully wait for Starbucks to bring back its long lost S'mores Frappuccino with these new Dunkin' drinks.

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Getting S'more From Dunkin' Than Starbucks

Dunkin' s'mores cold brew
Dunkin' s'mores cold brew - Dunkin'

Although Starbucks has a large and varied selection of popular drinks, there is one that continues to elude customers since its disappearance from menus. The S'mores Frappuccino first debuted in 2015 to a largely positive fan response. While discontinued in 2018, the coffee giant brought back the drink in 2019 only to get rid of it for good in 2021. The campfire-inspired treat was a hit with Starbucks' dedicated fanbase; however, the meticulously layered and labor-intensive drink was widely disliked by baristas for its overly intricate process, one that also required a specially made marshmallow-infused whipped cream.

Starbucks fans were understandably disappointed at the discontinuation of the popular drink, even going so far as to create petitions demanding that it return to menus. Whereas Starbucks has yet to concede, it appears that Dunkin' has found a solution to this creative conundrum. By creating a pair of drinks that require far less work but serve up just as much (if not more) of the chocolate, vanilla, marshmallow, and graham cracker flavors that s'mores lovers crave, it would seem that Dunkin' has pulled ahead in the race with these star summer drinks.

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