Donald Trump gets lost on stage in Poland

Allison Yee

No security expense has been spared during Donald Trump’s visit to Poland.

In the lead-up to the presidential tour, workers were seen building platforms and erecting bullet proof screens in preparation for when the POTUS would address the crowds.

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Unfortunately no one seems to have passed the memo onto Trump himself, with the president seen getting a little lost and confused after he delivered his speech yesterday.

Trump was seen stepping out from the bullet proof screen. Photo: Twitter

Waving to the crowds, the 71-year-old world leader was seen ambling across the stage, and standing awkwardly in front of the crowd.

He’s then seen looking around at his security staff, before shuffling even further across the stage and away from the safety of the bullet proof screen.

Trump’s aimless wanderings come after he looked to have lost his way while getting off Air Force One and completely bypassing a waiting limo at the bottom of the stairs earlier this week.

Somehow Trump doesn't see the car parked right in front of him. Photo: Fox News

Footage of the moment sees him walk down the plane’s stairs and across the tarmac. He waves to the cameras and looks around, seemingly for his car, before someone points behind him.

As expected, the Twittersphere had a field day with the video – here are our fave ones.

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