Does Dairy Queen Serve Breakfast At Every Location?

breakfast at Dairy Queen
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When you think of Dairy Queen, you most likely imagine all manner of frosty treats (such as the Dairy Queen Blizzard, which isn't technically ice cream). The chain also offers a hot food menu that features standard fast-food fare like burgers, chicken, and fries. You may even be able to find breakfast at the restaurant -- but only at select locations.

Now, the menu featured on the official Dairy Queen website lacks any breakfast offerings. However, the website for a Dairy Queen based in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania does feature breakfast, including pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and many other early morning offerings. Customers can order these menu items every day from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., at which point the lunch/dinner menu begins. Because Dairy Queen consists of franchises, some restaurants will offer items that aren't found at other locations. That appears to be the case with the Cranberry Dairy Queen, which includes a disclaimer at the bottom of the page stating, "The business represented on this website is a DQ franchise and is independently owned and operated."

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Why Don't All Dairy Queens Serve Breakfast?

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Fast food breakfasts were kicked off by McDonald's in the '70s, with many rival restaurants following in its footsteps. Dairy Queen is a bit of an outlier since the chain is mostly associated with ice cream-based desserts. According to the website, the restaurant only began offering Grillburgers in 2005 (although it's likely that individual franchisees developed their own unique menus, which could have included hot food prior to 2005).

The truth is, fast food restaurants tend to be a bit selective when it comes to what they offer customers. Consider that bagel sandwiches, a beloved breakfast item offered by McDonald's, are only found in three cities. Additionally, some chains choose to forgo breakfast altogether due to a lack of demand. Convenience is another important factor, as on-the-go diners are less likely to purchase breakfast from a fast food establishment when they can't do so quickly and efficiently. With Dairy Queen, customers love the restaurant's wide selection of creamy treats (including Dairy Queen's interestingly constructed ice cream cakes) but may look elsewhere when in search of a convenient morning bite.

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