Does Colin Find Out That Penelope Is Lady Whistledown?

Colin and Penelope

Polin season has arrived and with Lady Whistledown’s identity already known by one Bridgerton, Eloise, the question is, when will Colin find out? Well dearest reader, the big reveal does not happen in the first part of Season 3. In fact, Colin hasn't a clue who Lady Whistledown might be, but vowed to his sister Eloise, "Trust me, if I ever find out, I will make sure it is her life that is ruined."

Whistledown had a few things to say in the season opener about Colin, who's returned from his travels and, in the words of Benedict Bridgerton, is looking "so sturdy."

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In her society papers, Whistledown wrote: "And then there are some who take the embrace of change a step too far, as with Mr. Colin Bridgerton, who seems to have embraced a new personality entirely. But one must wonder, is this new character the real him or simply a ploy for attention? And does Mr. Bridgerton even know?"

While Colin claims that he does not care what Lady Whistledown writes about him, he declares that he will "never forgive her" for ruining Lady Crane, and for nearly ruining his sister Eloise last season.

Unbeknownst to Colin, he tells the gossip columnist herself (aka Penelope) in episode two that "sooner or later, she [Lady Whistledown] will be caught and we shall dance on the day of her demise."

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Not exactly something you want to hear from your future fiancé. The first half of Season 3 ended with Polin transitioning from friends to lovers in a steamy carriage scene, before Colin proposes marriage to Penelope.

Does Colin Find Out That Penelope Is Lady Whistledown?

Although it did not happen in the first four episodes of Season 3, Colin does eventually discover that Penelope is Lady Whistledown, at least according to Julia Quinn's book, Romancing Mister Bridgerton. In the novel, the discovery happens before the couple's engagement and just prior to their steamy carriage scene—meaning the show has already departed from its source material in a major way.

In chapter 12, Colin follows Penelope to a church, where inside she places an envelope behind a book. Colin ends up confronting Penelope and opens the envelope, which contains a single sheet of paper: a column from Lady Whistledown dated April 21, 1824, revealing that Cressida, who had claimed to be Lady Whistledown as a way to achieve financial gain, is a "scheming imposter."

The discovery doesn't lead to a falling out (more like a falling together), but Penelope's success as Lady Whistledown does ultimately cause some relationship strife in the form of Colin's professional envy.

Bridgerton fans will just have to patiently wait and see how the big reveal unfolds on the show when Part 2 drops on June 13.

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