Delta Goodrem addresses 'awkward' interview on The Project

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Delta Goodrem has addressed the 'awkward' moment she was unable to respond to a question about instances of sexual assault in the music industry on The Project last week.

The 36-year-old singer spoke to Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson about the moment on The Kyle & Jackie O Show on Monday, claiming her flustered response had nothing to do with the actual question.

She said she needed some time to process as she actually couldn't hear what the show's panelists were asking her, as she appeared via a video link.

"I didn't actually hear exactly what the question was, and I was sort of processing," she explained.

Kyle also defended Delta against people that had accused her of trying to cover something up, assuring listeners: "Delta's not a cover-upperer."


Delta appeared on the The Project last week via video link from Sydney to discuss her upcoming album and book, when she was asked the 'uncomfortable' question by Kate Langbroek.

Delta Goodrem
Delta Goodrem addressed the 'awkward' interview on The Project. Photo: Yahoo

“Earlier this week we ran a story on the sheer volume of women in the music industry who have experienced sexual assault or harassment, and the figure was as high as, I think, 96 per cent of women,” Kate said, before asking for the singer's thoughts.

Delta appeared flustered and struggled to form a response, more so when Kate pushed with a second follow up question. After repeating "does it surprise me" four times she eventually responded.

“I am shocked by that number, it's completely surprising and my heart is.. you know, it really hurts my heart to hear that,” she said.

“And I continue to support and be there for the community and my girls and it’s definitely very troubling.”

The interview quickly became a talking point on Twitter, with some viewers slamming The Project, one person even calling the question “irresponsible”, and others saying Delta was put on the spot.

delta goodrem on the project
Delta struggled to respond to the question last week. Photo: Channel 10

"I feel like that was an irresponsible line of questioning just now on #TheProjectTV. Delta was clearly caught off guard and not prepared for the SA question. Bringing the issue to light is important but I don’t think that line of questioning achieved anything productive," one person commented.

"That was so weird Delta. So very very weird. Was she put in a corner she didn’t want to address?" another asked.

"Awkward!! What’s going on with that response?" another said.

Others thought Delta missed the opportunity to talk about and raise awareness of an important issue.

"So very disappointing to see Delta not use her opportunity to stand up and make some great commentary on an important issue that vitally needs more voices like hers," one person said.

The segment was posted to The Project's Twitter account after the show aired, however it was removed within a matter of minutes.

Her interview came after Delta opened up about why she decided to keep her 2018 surgery, and resulting battle to learn to speak again, a secret for almost two years.

Speaking on Yahoo! UK's 'White Wine Question Time' podcast with Kate Thornton, the Aussie star revealed no one except for her immediate family and friends knew what she was going through at the time, a 'bubble' she still feels extremely thankful for.

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