Debate over man's 'gross' act before Hinge date: 'F***ing weird'

A woman has slammed a man she met on Hinge after she caught him out in a "gross" act ahead of their date.

Quinn Martin posted a video on her TikTok account explaining that she and her match Jake were planning their first date when he suggested they go to a rooftop lounge.

He added it was "BYOB" and not many people knew about it.

Curious as to where she was going, Quinn asked Jake for the address a couple of hours before the date.

When she attempted to look it up online, all she discovered was a New York City apartment building, which raised alarm bells.

She thought she may have been "missing something", so asked him if it was a restaurant. When he said 'no', she said, "Don't tell me it's your apartment building".

Quinn Martin in her TikTok video.
Quinn Martin said she felt tricked by her date. Source: TikTok

"So I'm sitting there thinking, 'No way is this man trying to trick me into coming to his apartment building'," she said in the video.

"But no that's exactly what he was doing."

Quinn called him out straight away, to which he replied it was not his intention.

"Definitely could have phrased it differently but just thought it would be a nice change of pace from the traditional bar scene," he said before he apologised if it came off "wrong".

She then continued to call him out for his behaviour.


"It didn't 'come off the wrong way' – you very obviously, and intentionally, attempted to trick me into coming to your apartment rooftop without informing me where I would be. Gross and so f***ing weird. Good luck," she said.

While Quinn had clearly lost interest in Jake, he continued to try and make a plan with her for that evening.

"Wasn't trying to trick you into anything ... They just renovated my roof and set it up like an outdoor lounge. There's on average at least 20 people hanging out on my on my roof deck every single night whether it's people on dates or groups of friends just hanging out drinking," he said.

"I thought it would be a cool surprise to bring you up there ... I wasn't even going to tell you I lived there to be honest.

"I was really looking forward to this one so I took a chance."

She told him it was not an appropriate way to ask somebody to their rooftop and Jake apologised again and said he was not trying to deceive her.

He then asked if they could pretend it never happened and try again, but Quinn decided to leave him on read.

Many followers were shocked by how the man tried to "trick" her, with one saying it was an "immediate red flag", while others thought she should give him a chance.

"That’s bad enough, but he also wanted you to bring your own alcohol to his apartment on the first date," one commented.

"That should have been for like a fourth date, not a first," another said.

"I mean.. if he was upfront about it then it would be one thing but not the best idea," a third added.

Others said however she was too quick to write Jake off.

"Wait no I think he deserves a date," one said.

"Oh you are very wrong here not him," another added.

"BYOB bar??? Did you not get the joke really???" a third said.

Others suggested the woman should suggest the place for her next first date to ensure she will feel safe.

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