Daniel Radcliffe's shocking transformation for biopic: 'Perfection'

The trailer showing Daniel Radcliffe in the upcoming biopic WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story was dropped on Tuesday, and fans were shocked by how different the star looks.

Appearing in an array of colourful Hawaiian shirts while sporting a large curly wig, moustache and glasses, the Harry Potter star has really committed to his new role of ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic.

Daniel Radcliffe dressed as his character of 'Weird Al' Yankovic, wearing a wig, glasses and a Hawaiian shirt.
Daniel Radcliffe looks completely different as his 'Weird Al' Yankovic character. Photo: Roku

People reported in January that Al was “absolutely thrilled that Daniel Radcliffe will be portraying” him in the film, even joking that it would be “the role future generations will remember him for.”

Opening the trailer with the line, “Hope you guys are ready for this,” Radcliffe is then shown singing the ‘Like a Virgin’ parody, ‘Like a Surgeon’ with an accordion on stage.

Daniel Radcliffe is wearing a red Hawaiian shirt, with a curly wig and glasses on the set of Weird.
The star is shown wearing an array of colourful Hawaiian shirts. Photo: Roku


Fans went wild for it on social media, with one person writing on Twitter: “Losing my mind! This looks absolutely amazing! No doubt, Daniel Radcliffe playing Al is perfection.”

“This is the ultimate role for Daniel Radcliffe,” another fan agreed.

The film also stars Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna, Rain Wilson as Dr. Demento and Julianne Nicholson as Weird Al’s mother, Mary Yankovic.

Others couldn’t help but notice one strange detail in the trailer when his character appeared topless on stage.

Daniel Radcliffe performs on stage as Al Yankovic, while shirtless and drinking alcohol.
Fans went crazy over Radcliffe's shirtless scenes. Photo: Roku

“There’s no reason for Daniel Radcliffe to be this ripped for the Weird Al biopic, so I must assume he’s been cast as Wolverine for the MCU,” one person quipped.

“He's too buff to be weird, lol! Al didn't have pecs and abs like that back in the day that I remember,” another added.

“I fully admit to just googling, ‘Weird Al Yankovich shirtless,’ to determine if [he was] as ripped as Daniel Radcliffe is in the trailer. I found no definitive answer,” a third remarked.

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