Dad slammed for 'disturbing' rules for teenage daughter

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An 18-year-old girl has left the Internet shocked after sharing her father's "creepy" rules for their house.

The teen took to Reddit's Am I The A**hole subreddit to ask if she was in the wrong for wanting privacy from her dad and for locking the door when showering.

woman in the shower
An 18-year-old girl has left the Internet shocked after sharing her father's "creepy" rules for their house. Photo: Getty

"My dad often does not respect my privacy," she started. "He usually doesn't knock. About once every month or so he will come into the bathroom when I am showering if my mom is using the other bathroom.

"It's a sliding glass door, no shower curtain so he sees me naked. He has come into my room when I was changing and naked a few times and asked me a question. I told him I'm not comfortable with him seeing me naked.

"I lock the door while showering now," she continued. "He called me a prude for not letting him in today while I was showering."


The girl said, her father has "four go-to reasons to justify" his rules, they are: "He has already seen me naked. Family should be comfortable with nudity. He already knows what boobs look like. My older sister doesn't care if he sees her naked."

She added: "He was annoyed when I didn't let him in the shower."

Unsurprisingly, many fellow Reddit users were left feeling very uncomfortable after hearing the poster’s story.

"NTA [not the a**hole]," one user commented. "Also, gross. I’m sorry to tell you this, but your dad is a pervert. If he wasn’t a pervert, he wouldn’t have been so annoyed to be locked out."

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The girl is upset at the fact her father won't respect her privacy. Photo: Getty

"Agreed," another said. "NTA. It's really disturbing that he called you a prude and to me is very telling. It's not about just needing the bathroom or it's not something he hasn't seen before, he's trying to shame you for being modest. That's really creepy."

"He's effectively gaslighting her into thinking SHE is being unreasonable for not letting HIM see HER naked. Gross!" someone else wrote.

"NTA - I'm sorry, but this is grossly inappropriate and disgustingly creepy," another person wrote. "I would seriously consider installing a lock on your bedroom door. If he questions it, tell him it's the only way to ensure your privacy and personal safety.

"His reasoning is also abhorrent. I don't mean to pry, but does he have a history of other lewd behaviour towards you or anyone else? Because the more I think about it, the more borderline criminal it sounds.

"If moving out is at all an option for you, I would definitely recommend looking into that."

"Tell him bluntly that you think his behaviour is inappropriate, it's abusive of him to insist that he should be able to see you naked against your wishes, and that if he doesn't stop, you will make his behaviour known to all friends and family," one user added.

"Tell him he does not have permission to enter the bathroom when you are using it, and he does not have permission to enter your room when the door is closed without your permission. Put this in writing too. Tell him he has to knock and wait for your permission. Tell him the fact he has any issues with this, makes him look like a sexual predator, and his attitude and behaviour is NOT normal.

"OP I hope you can get out of that house asap, your father is a pervert. No one gets to demand that they be allowed to see another person naked, ever."

Others questioned why the father wouldn't want to use the bathroom his wife is using and instead go into the bathroom his naked daughter is using and were shocked with the poster said her dad had commented on her breasts in the past.

Some questioned how the poster's mother felt about the situation, but it's unclear if the teen had spoken her about the issue yet.

One man commented, saying as a father, he and his wife had decided that once his young daughters began showing a "desire for privacy" he will stop giving them baths and seeing them without clothes on. Something which other parents agreed with, with some saying it was simply about consent, something that wasn't present in the poster's case.

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