'I look better at 50 than 20': Dad renews marriage with weight-loss transformation

Penny Burfitt
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Blair is feeling fighting fit after shedding 15kg in two months. Photo: Supplied

“One of the physiques that I used to like, and my wife likes this too, is James Bond when he comes out of the water,” Blair Powell says.

“Well I got it. And my wife is certainly enjoying it.”

A 53-year-old dad of five, Blair has just shed 15kg in two months with Sam Wood’s 8-week challenge and is looking and feeling like a new man.

To say he is feeling himself is a slight understatement.

He has literally never felt better, and isn’t afraid to say so.

“I feel absolutely brilliant,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I never expected that you could get a physique like that from working out in your lounge room.”

In fact, it was hard to get Blair into the lounge room in the first place. He says he was initially highly sceptical of Sam Woods’ at-home fitness challenge but went along for his wife’s sake.

Before the challenge, Blair says he felt slower, older and less enthusiastic. photo: Supplied

“Originally I wanted to prove that it was not going to work,” he laughs, explaining it was his wife Helen who insisted the pair try the program.

“Then all of a sudden I started to lose weight very regularly and rapidly.”

Originally tipping the scales at 109 kg, Luke shed 15kg with the program, now sitting in the mid-90’s range more suited to his build.

He says he was motivated by the sight of his weight slowly creeping up, and the fear of hitting 120kg and beyond, becoming another statistic in Australia’s obesity numbers.

Feeling 30 years younger

Blair says his life change has given him a new lease of life, and his marriage. Photo: Supplied

He is now a convert of the highest order, explaining he feels completely renewed.

“At 53 I feel stronger, and fitter than what I did when I was 20,” he says.

“I used to play rep basketball when I was about 20 so I was pretty fit then, but never ever had a physique like the one that’s just been produced.”

Not only did Blair’s efforts win him a new lease on life, and the program’s top prize of $10,000 for best transformation, the new him hasn’t hurt his marriage either.

How he got his youth back

“Helen is the love of my life, we met each other at law school and life flies so fast, but now looking at each other it’s like an extra beat in the heart,” he admits, adding he owes all his success to his wife who kept him going through the program.

He also says the structure of the challenge is sustainable, and the at-home design makes it too easy to pass up.

“The thing we loved about the program is you come down, you don’t have to get dressed in your gym gear, nobody’s looking at you,” he explains.

“You do the program, 28 minutes, very intense, you’re sweating at the end of it, you come out, and you’re done.”

He says he plans to keep going with the program and couldn’t recommend it more.

In his own words, he is a walking, talking advertisement for the fitness program.

I was a disbeliever I didn’t think it was going to happen but when you see the results...” he breaks off lost for words, then gestures to himself.

“This is probably the best testimony and advertisement there is!”

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