Dad Insists on Wearing All White Suit to Daughter's Wedding, Says He Has 'The Right to Dress However He Pleases'

The bride's sister explained the dilemma in a post on Reddit's Weddings thread, adding that the father-of-the-bride's fashion choice has stirred up family drama

<p>Getty (2)</p> A stock image of white wedding attire

Getty (2)

A stock image of white wedding attire

A stubborn father of the bride has stirred up some pre-wedding drama with his decision to wear all white on his daughter's big day.

The bride's sister explained in a recent post on Reddit's Weddings thread that she called her dad to ask him what he plans to wear to his daughter's upcoming wedding and was surprised by his answer.

"He point blank said that he will be wearing a white suit," the sister wrote. "He said as the father of the bride, he feels 'he has the right to dress however he pleases.' "

The sister said she explained to her dad that it might not be best move, as the bride should have the spotlight on her special day.

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"I gently told him that typically (read: 9 times out of 10) solely the bride wears white for the wedding day," she continued.

However, as she discovered, her dad could not be swayed — and even tried to justify his choice in a concerning way.

"He doubles down and says that my sister already has kids and shouldn’t be wearing white anyhow," the OP recalled, ending her post with: "Sigh… This is gonna be an interesting wedding."

The post garnered more than 100 comments and sparked a spirited debate. Many people agreed with the OP that her dad was in the wrong.

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of a white suit


A stock image of a white suit

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"The fact that he knows the etiquette, but is still trying to make it about him speaks volumes about him," one person argued.

Still, others sided with the father of the bride, saying they have no issue with the white suit.

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"Typically, no one cares if men wear white. As long as the groom isn't wearing a white suit, I don't think it'll matter," one commenter wrote. "My best friend's dad wore a white suit to her wedding and looked great, didn't steal attention or anything. Just looked very James Bond."

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Another chimed in, "I doubt anyone is going to confuse your dad for the bride, which is the original reason for other women not wearing white to a wedding."

Yet another person said the father of the bride should be "allowed to wear whatever makes him happy."

They added: "I never understood the 'don’t wear white at my wedding' rule, especially if you are family. I would be happy for any friend or family member to wear white at my wedding if this makes him/her happy."

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