Couple trolled over 42-year age gap: 'Is that your grandpa?'

A couple has been forced to defend themselves after trolls questioned the authenticity of their relationship due to their 42-year age gap.

Jackie, 27, and Dave, 69, have been documenting their marital bliss on TikTok, however many have criticised the woman claiming she isn't genuine.

The pair regularly post videos of themselves dancing and enjoying romantic outings.

They have spoken openly about their massive age gap, saying it doesn't matter to them.

Jackie and Dave met on the internet when Dave sent her a message saying he liked her profile and he was interested in meeting her in person.

She gave him her phone number and they met up the next day, and the pair said they felt an instant connection.

Jackie and Dave in a TikTok video.
Jackie and Dave met in 2016. Source: TikTok

"Jackie and I got together a few more times [in the Philippines] before I went back to the United States, this was in October of 2016, but that first meeting ... is what really set everything in motion," Dave said in a TikTok.

"That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship that is still going very strong."

The couple however has been trolled for their videos, with some claiming she just wants his money.

"She will be rich in a short while," one said.

"This has to be a joke," another commented.

"Is that your grandpa?" a third added.


However many others have jumped in to support the couple, saying the age gap doesn't matter if they make each other happy.

"As long as you love each other age is just a number," one said in support.

"If you’re both getting what you want out of your relationship… then bravo!" another said.

"I respect them so much more. This is sincere. Not forced by social constructs. As long as they are content and enjoy it. That’s all that matters," a TikToker added.

Brightnye and James in a TikTok.
Brightnye and James met at a casino last year. Source: TikTok

It comes after a Queensland-based TikToker went viral after revealing her relationship with a man 35 years her senior.

Brightnye, 22, is a model who met her boyfriend James, 57, during a night out at the casino last year.

James told The Courier Mail that the age gap was a "big problem" for them at the beginning, and they both thought it was "crazy", however, they couldn't stay away from each other, with Brightnye adding that her friends thought their relationship was fake.

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