Costco's 'Secret' Food Court Item Has Shoppers Rushing to Try It

For many dedicated membership holders, Costco’s food court is exactly what dreams are made of. The beloved cafeteria-style eatery has a menu packed with multiple fan-favorites that are not only delicious, but won’t run your pockets for your last $20 either.

Over the years, Costco’s food court has seen some changes both welcomed and hated by shoppers, though the popular snack-stop has done an excellent job at retaining the staples that everyone knows and loves. The hot dog combo still costs $1.50, slices of pizza are just as delicious as ever and the vanilla fudge sundae is still an excellent choice to wash it all down.

Along with having a menu that leaves very little to dislike about it, there are actually a few items that the popular bulk retailer keeps very hush-hush, leaving super-fans scrambling to unlock the secret. And if you’ve ever enjoyed one of the warehouse's delicious chicken bakes, boy do we have a secret menu item that is right up your alley: Chicken Bake Pizza.

The secret is officially out, thanks to @therussianonig on TikTok, who recently shared a video of his mouth-watering chicken bake pizza from everyone’s favorite bulk warehouse.

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“They’re gonna deny when you call in,” Shapiro starts off explaining in his video, “but you gotta give them code 69247 and they’ll ring you up.”

The comment section of Shaprio’s video naturally had a ton of questions about the secret menu item, as did we. One viewer even tagged @JordanTheStallion8 for his insider knowledge on the surprising menu item. Others were quick to call BS, claiming that as actual employees of Costco, they are unaware of any “secret” menu items.

As is the case with any off-menu items, sometimes, you just have to try it out for yourself to see if it will work. Some commenters on TikTok claimed that the code is different depending on where you live. One person said that Costco in California uses an entirely different code, while another chimed in to clarify that “only employees make it for themselves.”

Whatever the truth may be surrounding the infamous chicken bake pizza, it seems as though your luck is entirely dependent on location and the good graces of the employee who takes your order. Additionally, most Costco locations have begun to transition to kiosk ordering systems, which means you won’t be typing any secret menu codes in yourself.

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