Costco's Most-Anticipated Food Court Item May Return—But There's a Catch

Over the years, Costco fans have been eager to see what items grace the space of the famous food court. From what seems to be lifelong items such as the $1.50 hot dog combo to the removal and return of the churro, Costco's food court is always a hot topic of discussion. But with all of the items that make their way onto the list of must-haves in "the court," there's one in particular that fans just can't seem to convince the Costco powers that be to bring back: the Combo Pizza.

Removed during the pandemic, Costco's combo pizza was one of the store's most popular items to purchase daily and since it's discontinuation in the food court, shoppers have been left hankering for a bite of its incredible goodness. And while cheese and pepperoni pizzas are still offered up at the food court, fans feel as if the return of the combo is the only thing that means anything to them. People are so serious about the combo pizza, petitions have even been created in hopes of gathering enough attention for Costco to bring it back. Yes, it's really that serious.

Well, while we're not sure if the petition really worked or if Costco just got tired of people relating every single new item drop to the combo pizza, there's news brewing that we may have actually gotten what we wanted. Yep, friends. The combo pizza is said to finally be making its well-anticipated return to Costco stores soon. That is, with one catch, of course.

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According to an alleged employee who took to the popular Costco subreddit, the combo pizza is slated to make its glorious return—but it won't be in the food court. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) the pizza will actually be frozen this time around and sold as a take-and-bake option instead.

Sharing a photo of an apparent company memo announcing the product's return in the "Take & Bake" category, it was revealed that it would be popping up in the deli section very soon. "Nationwide roll out coming in the next 4-6 weeks," read the caption.

Of course, it didn't long for shoppers to weigh in with their thoughts, and surprisingly, there weren't as many people as excited as one would suspect.

"I really hope it's better than the old take and bakes. I was told they were defrosted frozen with added toppings, and they tasted like it. Yuck," said one person. "Any chance of Combo coming back to the food court?" said another, while someone else simply said, "We need this at the food court."

While it's impossible to make everyone happy, it seems as if Costco is doing its best to meet the demands of customers while making it work for their goals. At the end of the day, everyone has to remember that this is a business and while bringing the combo back to the food court is beneficial for the customer, selling it in this way may be better for the company. But hey, something is better than nothing, right?

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