Coronavirus: Woman's 'genius' TikTok face mask solution

A Victorian woman has been applauded online for her “genius” coronavirus face mask hack.

Last week, Premier Daniel Andrews said residents in certain areas of Victoria could face a $200 fine if they failed to wear a face mask, and one woman came up with a way to wear one without getting makeup all over it.

Woman wearing a face mask and eye makeup
A Victorian woman has been applauded for her clever face mask hack. Photo: TikTok/wholegrain2000

The woman, who goes by the name @wholegrain2000 on TikTok, took to her account to upload two videos showing how she still creates amazing make-up looks while abiding by the law.

One person called her hack “super cute and smart” while another said it not only saved time but also stopped people wasting makeup and getting the mask dirty.

Woman's face mask makeup
She only put makeup on half her face, saving time and product. Photo: TikTok/wholegrain2000

“Might actually do my makeup in the mornings now since it’s only half the time and half the effort,” a fan said.

“It’s the same as shaving the parts of your legs when wearing ripped jeans,” one person commented.

“Why didn’t I think of this? Genius,” another said.


Last week, it was revealed that people who live in metropolitan Melbourne and in the Mitchell Shire must put on a face mask or face covering if leaving their homes for the four allowed reasons.

How to wear makeup with a face mask
She uploaded two videos of face mask makeup tutorials. Photo: TikTok/wholegrain2000
TikTok face mask makeup hack
The end result was amazing. Photo: TikTok/wholegrain2000

"If you are out of your home for one of the four reasons, then you need to be wearing a mask and I stress - or a face covering - it need not be a hospital grade mask, it need not be one of the handmade masks," Premier Daniel Andrews said last Sunday.

"Any face covering is better than no face-covering."

Residents in impacted areas have been told to reach for the face covering along with their phone and keys, or face a $200 fine.

Up to three million face masks were on order by the Victorian government with a batch of 300,000 due to arrive during the week, he added.

But there are some reasons for not wearing masks such as medical reasons, children aged under 12, a professional reason or if not practical - like running - but individuals need to carry a mask with them.

Teachers won't need to wear a face covering while teaching but students there for VCE, VCAL or for onsite supervision will.

Opposition leader Michael O'Brien said the premier needed to make sure masks were available "quickly" and "affordable" to Victorians.

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