What Has Controversy Cost Morgan Wallen? Find Out His Net Worth

Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen is a country musician who rose to prominence with his 2018 single Whiskey Glasses. In 2020, he won CMA New Artist of the Year and has been steadily climbing in popularity—and building an impressive net worth—ever since. He’s also been making some less fortunate headlines over the years, once for his use of a racial slur and most recently for an arrest in Nashville (he tossed a chair from the top of a six-story bar).

Still, professionally, he’s coming off his best year yet in 2023, where his album One Thing at a Time rose to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and he simultaneously held half the songs on the Hot 100—a feat only accomplished by five other artists.

Here’s a deeper look into Morgan Wallen’s career, legal problems and how much he’s made as one of country music’s most successful artists.

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How did Morgan Wallen get his start?

Wallen broke onto the scene in 2014 when he successfully auditioned for the popular singing competition The Voice. He was coached first by Usher and then Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine.

"It was a big first step—I guess that's the first time in my life where I realized that maybe I actually have a shot at this," Wallen told People in 2019. "I'm thankful that I didn't win because it gave me a chance to take a couple years after that show and really figure out who I was as an artist and get the right team around me. When I got there, I had no clue what I was doing."

What happened to Morgan Wallen on The Voice?

Although Wallen participated in Season 6 of The Voice, he didn’t make it to the end.

The singer, who was 20 years old at the time, sang Collide by Howie Day for his blind audition. Coaches Shakira and Usher both turned around—meanwhile, the only country coach, Blake Shelton, couldn’t turn around as his team was already full. Wallen selected Usher as his coach but was later stolen by Adam Levine, and would finish his run on Levine’s team.

“I made the top 20,” Wallen said in an interview with Country Countdown USA. “When I made it there, I got a list of songs to choose from. A Florida Georgia Line song was the only country song on the list, so I sang their song and got kicked off. It shows you how things come full circle. Now I have a song with them.”

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What is Morgan Wallen's net worth in 2024?

Morgan Wallen has an estimated net worth of $12 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

While this may not be as much as fans expect, especially given his level of fame, there are a few factors that contribute to a lower (though not insubstantial) net worth. Though he’s been putting out music since 2015, Wallen has only been a mainstream artist since 2018, when his single Whiskey Glasses was released. He’s also had his fair share of controversies, including multiple arrests and a leaked video in which he used a racial slur, which undoubtedly impacted his reputation and career opportunities.

What is Morgan Wallen's biggest hit?

Wallen has had plenty of hits in his short career, but one wins out above the others. His 2023 single Last Night reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100— his first and only song to do so—and stayed there for 16 weeks.

His previous peak position on the Hot 100 was with the song You Proof, which reached No. 5 in October 2022.

Did Morgan Wallen win a Grammy?

Wallen has not won a Grammy yet. In fact, he’s never even been nominated.

This was pretty big news when the 2024 Grammys nominations were announced. Wallen’s hit single Last Night was nominated for Best Country Song, but even if it had won the category (it did not; the award went to Chris Stapleton's "White Horse") he wouldn't have gotten a trophy for it. Per Grammy rules, the songwriters receive the award for this category and Wallen did not write Last Night.

Instead, songwriters John Byron, Ashley Gorley, Jacob Kasher Hindin and Ryan Vojtesak would have received the award.

Why is Morgan Wallen in court?

Wallen was due in court on May 3 to reach a settlement over charges of reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. This was the result of his April 7 arrest, when police apprehended him after he threw a chair off the roof of a six-story Nashville bar.

However, Wallen’s lawyer instead appeared on his behalf on the May 3 court date to discuss the case with the district attorney’s office. The next court date is scheduled for Aug. 15 and Wallen is expected to attend. At that time, the case may be settled but its complicated nature could mean it drags on for awhile.

"Morgan is generally a nice, fun person to hang out with, but when he gets going he doesn't know when to stop," a source told People after the incident. "Morgan and alcohol is a problem and it's been a problem that keeps coming back around."

What was Morgan Wallen charged for?

Morgan was charged with three counts of reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct after throwing a chair off the roof of a bar in Nashville. In some circumstances the felony charges could come with one or two years in prison, plus probation time, but Wallen’s cooperation with authorities, wealthy status and access to top legal representation will likely lead to less severe consequences.

Is Morgan Wallen touring in 2024?

Morgan Wallen kicked off the 2024 leg of his One Night at a Time Tour on April 4 in Indianapolis. The domestic shows will come to an end Aug. 9 in Las Vegas, and after that he’ll perform internationally until Sept. 8, where he’ll play his last show in Dublin.

How much does Morgan Wallen make per concert?

Estimating a musician’s income is not always easy, but one analysis on Medium attempts to do this with Morgan Wallen. According to the article, which takes into account financial data from Forbes, Wallen’s 2023 summer concert tour grossed $190 million. Of this sum, Wallen took home about $70 million.

That means that Morgan Wallen makes roughly $2.3 million per concert.

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