Private jet flight attendant spills billionaires' flying demands

Holly Hales
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Kimberley Benton has helped serve the rich and famous for more than nine years. Photos: Instagram/bimberleykenton/

Private jets are a mode of travel reserved for the world’s gilded elite – billionaires, royalty, pop stars – as well as the people who serve them.

Now, one flight attendant has revealed the secrets behind the sky’s most exclusive way to jet set, and what makes it worth the money.

For Kimberly Benton, her dream set flight nine years ago and she has since worked to ‘create an experience’ for each VIP passenger who steps on-board the jets she helps service.

"They expect you to know exactly what they want,” she told CNN Travel, adding: “It could be something as little as as soon as they get on the plane they want a shot of a Nespresso, the foot rest up and their Sunday Times waiting for them."

In addition to her passengers’ everyday luxuries, Kimberly is also responsible for facilitating many a mile-high celebration.

"I've hosted a few parties in the sky before when I know they're going to have guests on board and they want all the champagne and ice ready to go," she said.

Among Kimberly's responsibilities are facilitating her passengers' mile-high parties, within reason. Photo: Instagram/bimberleykenton/

"You want to make sure they've got everything they want — their favourite whiskies and scotch.”

However, her role also comes with the responsibility of ensuring regular aviation rules are followed, despite the seemingly endless opulence available to passengers.

"You kind of need to be on the ball a little bit — not letting them drink too much, but not spoil the fun and kind of having a balance," she said.

Despite the obvious work component, Kimberly’s long-time gig does come with some serious perks.

Since first taking flight, she has embarked on 14 world tours, travelled to 130 countries and been able to step aboard 27 types of high-end aircrafts.

But regardless of whether you’re in economy or joining Kimberly on her elite fleet of jets, there’s one question flight attendants never want to hear, no matter how luxe your flight may be.

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