Colin Jost Takes Aim at Wife Scarlett Johansson in 'SNL' Joke Swap

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update co-anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che continued their time-honored tradition of swapping jokes, a segment in which they force each other to read lines meant to make themselves cringe, during the Season 49 finale.

The back-and-forth featured a variety of punchlines designed to shock, but for the celebrity-couples obsessed crowd, a joke regarding Jost's wife, Scarlett Johansson, took the cake.

The setup was that ChatGPT had hired a new voice assistant feature inspired by ScarJo's AI character in Her. The joke? Jost saying he's never seen the movie. "I never bothered to watch, because without that body, what’s the point of listening to her?"


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Jost has previously talked about having to read joke swap lines cold, telling the podcast Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi that it's "both terrifying and exhilarating."

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"It's kind of a crazy. There's just not a lot of live television in the world anymore," he said. "So the idea that you're on live television and you have to say something and you don't know what it is, that's pretty crazy—and it's not usually gentle."

"I'm someone who can also be really in my head a lot of times, and it definitely gets you out of your head," Jost shared. "I really like that."

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