Coles shopper transforms shower screen with $9 cult buy: 'So good'

The before and after pics of the shower screen are jaw dropping.

A clever Coles customer has revealed a cost-effective cleaning hack that effortlessly tackles the stubborn grime on shower screens using a simple and affordable supermarket product.

Sharing images of her pristine shower screen alongside the product she used in a popular Facebook group dedicated to cleaning and organising, she wrote, "have you a really bad shower screen? Like real bad? My daughter told me about this stuff and OMFG it's so easy and so good."

She went on to say she purchased The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste from Coles for just $9.

Coles Cleaning Paste used to clean shower screens
The woman shared the remarkable results of The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste from Coles. Photo: Facebook/Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia

With a remarkable 'before and after' image, she detailed her method of applying the product with a soft dry cloth in circular motions and then using a wet cloth to remove the residue.

The results were met with praise from many fellow group members, with one sharing their positive experience, stating, "Use this brand all the time, they do lots of different ones, it's great on oven glass too." Another suggestion involved using the product in conjunction with a scrub mommy sponge, as it "works great!"

As positive reviews flooded in, one member wholeheartedly expressed their satisfaction, stating, "Yep, love this stuff, great with anything." Another member confidently declared, "Definitely works! I've tried many products, but this one is magic on glass." The sentiment was echoed by a third member who enthusiastically affirmed they "swear by it!"


Even a professional cleaner chimed in, confirming the product's outstanding performance on glass, stating, "I run my own cleaning biz and use this on all my showers. It brings them up like new."

The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste is available from Coles for $9. Photo: Coles
The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste is available from Coles for $9. Photo: Coles

While some members expressed their eagerness to try the product on stubborn calcium build-up on shower floor tiles, another group member shared a money-saving tip, suggesting that the product, along with other items from the same brand, could be purchased at a lower cost from The Reject Shop.

Concerns were raised about the product's potential abrasiveness and its impact on the glass. However, one member reassured others by explaining that while the product is indeed abrasive, it is not coarse enough to cause scratches as long as one avoids scrubbing too hard.

The discussion also touched upon the similarity between The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste and another popular cleaning product called Gumption.


Group members speculated on the connection, with one person asking, "Isn't it just gumption in a pink tub?" Another member shared their preference for Gumption, stating it is their "go-to when the shower is like this!"

However, a user who had tested both products said they found that The Pink Stuff outperformed Gumption when it came to cleaning pots and pan bottoms.

Amidst the positive feedback, a word of caution emerged from an individual with expertise in the glass industry, who advised against using the product on shower screens.

"We owned a glass company," the group member wrote, "definitely do not recommend."

They went on to suggest using dishwashing liquid and a scrub daddy for cleaning instead, and emphasised the importance of drying the shower after each use to maintain their sparkle.

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