TikTok is losing it over new Scone Loaf from Coles and Woolworths

Is the new Scone Loaf the best thing since sliced bread? TikTok taste tester Tait McGregor seems to think so!

The Sydneysider discovered the Golden Bakery loaf at her local Coles supermarket and recognised the crazy hybrid combo after trying their crumpet toast a while back.

The packaging recommends toasting a slice and serving with jam and cream. Tait chose to have hers with raspberry jam and cream.

A Tiktok user trying out the new Scone Loaf with cream and jam by Golden Bakery. Four images showing the loaf, a jar of jam; a dollop of cream and the taste test
Is Scone Loaf the best thing since sliced bread? Photo: TikTok/@tait.mcgregor

"What the heck, it kind of does have a scone texture," Tait exclaimed.

The limited-edition Scone Loaf was launched last month in supermarkets and the soft vanilla-infused brioche-style bread cut into thick slices has created a stir.


"Been having them for weeks with butter and honey and they’re so good. Had 2 slices this morning," one follower wrote.

"We add real butter, cinnamon sugar and honey/maple syrup!!" another commented.

"Better with Nutella," a third declared.

"This limited edition Golden Scone Loaf is delicious," another fan wrote on their Insta.

"I think they should make it a permanent fixture!"

Others shared it was the ideal loaf for making bread and butter pudding.

"We tried the new scone loaf and decided to turn some into a bread and butter pudding. Topped with brandy soaked sultanas and custard. Beyond delicious," sakurabymoonlight shared on Instagram.

Golden Bakery from TipTop say that their new Scone Loaf is made in Australia, with 95% Australian ingredients, no artificial colours or flavours and even has a health star rating of 3.5.

They previously released a crumpet toast and cinnamon donut loaf as part of their limited edition loaves, which led to this latest incarnation!

And while they also suggest trying it with cream and jam, they not stepping into the argument about which to put on first!

With their tagline "never a boring bite" and the feedback so far online, it's sure to be popular.

However, we're not sure it would be quite good enough to replace traditional scones to serve the Queen for her jubilee!

But this little cutie didn't even need her words when she taste-tested the limited-edition loaf.

A thumbs up all round!

Tip Top Golden Bakery Scone Loaf is priced at $5.50 from Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.

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