New Cadbury caramel slice block has people drooling: '10 out of 10'

There's a new chocolate in town and given it comes from the culinary mind of chef Curtis Stone, this Cadbury concoction is sure to be a winner.

The Aussie born chef's name was spotted on a new block of chocolate in Coles by eagle-eyed chocoholics earlier this month. Both Curtis and Cadbury Australia have been silent on the release of the Caramel Slice block on their socials but fans are nonetheless excited about the new combination.

Chef Curtis Stone, who has just created a flavour combination for Cadbury,  visits Hallmark's
Aussie chef Curtis Stone has teamed up with Cadbury to create a new chocolate combination. Photo: Getty Images

One of the first to spot the new chocolate block was Renita Henry-May who goes by Foodie Mumma Ren on Facebook.

"Look what is coming to Coles. Curtis Stone’s Caramel Slice Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate. I’m so excited!" she posted along side an advert for the chocolate bar on June 7th.

And once the word got out, people were excited.

Curtis Stone's Cadbury Caramel Slice and the chef himself.
Curtis Stone has teamed up with Cadbury for a chocolate collaboration! Photo: Getty Images / Facebook

"Omg is this real I’m going to look for it tomorrow at shops," one follower wrote.

Then when TikTok user Deficit in Calories posted that he'd discovered it in Coles two days ahead of its launch date, the video went viral.

Over 350,000 people have already watched the video!

"It’s fine I’ll just try for my summer body next year," one sure wrote jokingly. "How has no one ever thought of this, such a good idea," another added. "Shut up and take my money," a third commented.

He later reviewed the bar saying: "if you love Caramello Koalas you'll love this!"

"It doesn't take exactly like a caramel slice but it comes pretty damn close for a chocolate bar," he goes on to say adding, "I highly recommend this for anyone that loves caramel. I'm tossing up between a 9.5 to 10 out of 10."

And many fans agreed.

"Ate a whole block last night 🙊 so good," one wrote. "it tastes like a mixture of Caramello koala, Twix and Chomp," another commented.

But there were still some people who weren't won over by the new flavour.

"I wasn't overly excited about it a little Caramello with random biscuit pieces in it," one person wrote. "

"Its not that great, neither of us are fussed," one person wrote on Facebook to which another replied "get your tastebuds checked.. it’s yummy!"

But the Cadbury's chocolate block isn't the only new thing you should head to Coles for if you're a sweet tooth. They have also launched a choc peanut butter spread!

The peanut butter, which is vegan friendly, is already getting some positive reviews.

"I love the choc peanut butter," one person wrote on the Fussy Vegan page on Facebook. "I had some left over soft tacos. Heated up the tacos and spread the choc PB. Was so good and melty," another added.

If it's anything like Reese's Pieces in a jar – we're in trouble!

Cadbury caramel slice, $5 and Choc Peanut Butter, $3.50, available only at Coles

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