Coles shopper's angry note about hot cross buns called out: 'Who cares?'

A Coles shopper was so unimpressed by the 'early' appearance of hot cross buns in their local supermarket, they decided to leave a strong worded note at the store.

Another shopper discovered the angry handwritten note stuck to a six pack of chocolate Easter buns inside a Perth Coles and shared it to Facebook.

coles hot cross buns angry note
A Coles shopper was not happy about the appearence of hot cross buns. Photo: Facebook

"The last time I checked, the celebration of the birth and death of Jesus were not separated by less than a month," the note, which was penned on page featuring some floral images, read.

The person who shared the image quipped: "Precisely the style of notepad that someone who gets angry about the extended availability of hot cross buns would use."


The photo quickly went viral, with the huge majority of people believing the shopper was overreacting.

"Imagine living a life where fruit buns upset you," was one of over 750 comments.

"I’ll have hers if she would prefer to wait until Easter," another person wrote.

"Who knew that would be upset at something that vaguely represents their religion being on display for more days of the year?" was another response.

coles supermarket
Hot Cross Buns hit shelves at Coles shortly after Christmas. Photo: Getty

Social media sites have been inundated with posts from Coles and Woolworths customers since Boxing Day, after hot cross buns and Easter eggs made their appearance on supermarket shelves.

Many share their outrage every year as the goodies seem to arrive a whopping four months ahead of Easter, with one Twitter user calling the appearance of the goods “annoying”.

A second person claimed that Woolworths and Coles “take the joy out of holidays” by stocking seasonal items in advance.

However, many couldn't care less about when hot cross buns appear on shelves, with many commenting on this post that they had already bought plenty.

"Despite being a very strong advocate against January hot cross buns I ate one the other day because at this point why the hell not," one person shared.

"I got them literally on Boxing Day. Who cares?" another wrote.

While a third said: "Last time I checked hot cross buns are delicious so they can sell them year around as far as I'm concerned."

Buns on the paper . Hot cross buns
Most people simply argued that hot cross buns are delicious. Photo: Getty

Spokespersons from both Coles and Woolworths confirmed with Yahoo last week that customer demand is a significant factor in the appearance of Easter products on supermarket shelves.

“As we have done for many years in response to customer demand, Coles has begun stocking some popular Easter treats early including our much-loved hot cross buns and a small selection of Easter eggs,” a Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News.

And a Woolworths spokesperson revealed the supermarket sells more than 3 million Hot Cross Buns in the first week alone and nearly 17 million by the end of January.

"Some of our customers like to purchase products early and have them stocked away to help spread out their Easter spend. Others like to taste test products to ensure they hit the spot for their Easter feast," the spokesperson said.

Who could argue with that really?

Additional reporting by Jessie Middis.

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