Isolation trend transforms bizarre Coles item into fashionable outfits

It seems Australians have hit peak isolation if a new TikTok trend is anything to go by.

While we all wait on the edge of our seats for the easing of restrictions this weekend, many will anxiously be planning their outfits for their first taste of freedom, but a couple of online users have their looks in the bag.

Woman poses in bikini and sarong made from Coles plastic reusable bags
A new trend is upcycling Coles reusable bags with impressive results. Photo: TikTok

That is, quite literally in the bag.

A bonkers new trend is seeing creative Aussies turning their 15 cent Coles shopping bags into priceless isolation fashion.

The plastic carriers have never been so reusable, as they are upcycled into a range of outfits perfect for your daily trips nowhere to do nothing with no one.

A man poses in a jumpsuit made from 15c reusable coles bags
A new trend is putting the 'reusable' into reusable palstic bags Photo: TikTok

Exploding on TikTok this week, bags have been transformed into everything from a simple jumpsuit, to a saucy bikini top and sarong.

One bright young woman even cobbled together a full-blown cowboy outfit complete with chaps, off the shoulder detail and a nifty little collar that didn’t escape our attention.

The iconic red-spotted bags actually make for an eye-catching pattern, though whether that’s an admiring double-take or a confused one will depend on your own tastes.

It’s not just clothing either, some even expanded the trend into accessories.

One woman even used two bags to make one smaller bag, to compliment her outfit made of bags, and tied the whole thing together with a matching bow.

Woman poses in dress, handbag and hair bow made from Coles plastic bags
This lady looked fabulous in Coles from head to toe. Photo: TikTok

Needless to say each and every outfit can be done for under $3, a budget fashion find if ever we’ve seen one.

It’s not the first zany trend to blow up during the lockdown period.

Earlier on people were encouraged to ‘style’ their favourite pillows into some serious lewks using just a belt and a serious dose of confidence.

The trend went global and attracted thousands of videos from people including major stars.

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