Clever Bunnings tip for a Scandi mug rest: 'Just 2 products'

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Sometimes it's the simple things that make all the difference.

When you can make a home accessory from just two Bunnings products in an afternoon, it's a win-win.

That's just what one Victorian mum has done, quickly and easily making the ultimate drink rest for her sofa.

Bunnings sofa cup rest hack
Grace shared her simple but effective sofa cup rest on a Bunnings Mum's Facebook page. Photo: Facebook.

Her wooden sofa sleeve slips over the sofa arm and is the perfect addition to the living room, ensuring no unwanted spills.

"Cup rest, You just need some wood and liquid nails," Grace shared on the Bunnings Mums Australia.


Despite the idea's simplicity, 1,500 women liked the post and almost 200 commented on it.

"What a clever idea, well done," one fan wrote.

"What a great idea, love this," another added.

"Well, this is actually genius," a third said.

Others also shared their efforts at making one and tips for improving them.

A grey fabric lounge on a wooden floor has a darker grey fabric cover over one arm to protect it.
One follower showed how she'd crafted her sofa sleeve. Photo: Facebook

"These are the ones I did last week," one woman wrote, sharing the image above.

"Glued felt on the back so they don't slide."

But if even a bit of construction is out of your wheelhouse, there's always a Kmart hack!

Other members admitted to buying the $10 Kmart wooden wide serving stand and using that instead.

The legs are easily unscrewed and repositioned to fit your sofa arm width perfectly.

Three views of a wooden lap table with metal legs; one on a white background, one positioned on the arm of a grey sofa with a cup of tea and the other on a charcoal sofa.
A few of the group members shared how they used a Kmart lap table as their sofa mug holder. Photo: Facebook

Making your own lets you tailor the wood to match your living room decor, or use left over pieces from other jobs.

If you need a little more detail to make the sofa arm table, Bunnings is there to help with their online DIY advice pages

In just eight steps, you too can have your own homemade sofa table (even if it is a little more complicated than the one Grace made).

Eight steps to a sofa arm table

  1. Measure the width and length of your sofa arm

  2. Cut the timber to length

  3. Measure and mark for the lip

  4. Assemble the first side and the tabletop

  5. Attach the second side

  6. Putty and sand

  7. Paint the sofa arm table

  8. Enjoy your new sofa arm table

For details on each step, visit the Bunnings DIY advice page.

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